Features To Look For In A Blood Pressure Machine For Home Use


Hypertension or high blood pressure is a serious health issue. It’s known as a silent disease because most people who suffer from it are actually unaware of it till very late. Which means, it does not have any visible symptoms to ascertain its presence. In today’s time, the number of persons having hypertension is growing at an alarming rate and the major reasons behind this are unhealthy foods and fast-paced lifestyle.

If not controlled and managed, hypertension can lead to some really serious or life-threatening complications like heart attacks, kidney failure, strokes etc. So, the priority should be to take preventing steps, lead a healthy life, eat balanced food and stay away from alcohol and smoking. You should do some physical exercise as well to keep high blood pressure in control.

Why a blood pressure monitor device? 

Cases of hypertensions are growing worldwide and more people will have high blood pressure in coming years due to leading an erratic lifestyle. There is hardly a family with no patient of hypertension which speaks volume about the severity of the problem and it spread. Doctors may recommend a device so that people can check their blood pressure at home itself and needn’t visit the clinic.

Having such a device at home is helpful in many ways, including –

  • Regular recordings of blood pressure is a possibility
  • The doctor can titrate the medicine based on your frequent blood pressure readings.
  • Anyone can check the blood pressure in the comfort of their home
  • The device can keep the recorded values for long for analyzing your health patterns


You are supposed to look for some features and functionalities with a blood pressure machine for home use. Only then can you be ensured of accurate and consistent results every time you check the blood pressure.

Here are some of features to look for in your monitor –

  • The device should have one-touch operation so that anyone can use it with ease
  • It should have a large and clear display
  • Check whether the device comes with a body movement detector and high blood pressure detector
  • The feature to automatically inflate and deflates the cuff in a proper manner
  • A standard cuff size that fits your arms perfectly so that accurate results can be got
  • The device should have adequate memory capacity to store readings (at least 60) with date and time
  • A top machine is one that enables high level of clinically validated accuracy
  • There are monitors capable of giving a voice output of the blood pressure reading
  • There are machines with automatic off feature
  • The device should deliver the option of being re-calibrated

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