Indians in Japan requesting the Indian government to allow rescue flight for them


Another dangerous virus has attacked the world and if prevention is not taken properly it will cause more death then now. Coronavirus or call it COVID-19 is still on the rise in many countries of the world and the widely affected places are China, Italy, USA, India and more countries to count on.

Even after the rescue mission done in the month of February where Indian government rescued the citizens from certain parts of nations like Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Peru via the cruise ship. The ship sailed from Japan and landed in New Delhi with 119 Indians by the end of February 2020.

Those were the successful rescue missions and people after that were sent to quarantine as per the norms and rules during the coronavirus outbreak.

But there are still people stuck in Japan and are facing enormous amounts of problems that the government needs to look for. Just like the foreign minister of India rescued and prevented their citizens from many parts of the world, the Indians in Japan are also requesting the government to help them.

If rooting with the problems, the Indians that are bound in Japan are either workers or students. People either went for studies (foreign education) or went in the search of jobs and many other factors like a business. Indian government concerned with the coronavirus outbreak and situation declared first ‘Janta Curfew’ on 22 March 2020 and then announced the lockdown on 24th March 2020.

Thus, making it difficult for people in Japan to take a flight and come back to their hometown – the parameters in the country have worsened but the people of India need to come back as it’s their right. So, the Indian government must look into the matter and enact the rescue mission for the Indians stuck in Japan. There are other countries that are trying to rescue their people from different countries.

If necessary action is not taken on time people in Japan will be suffering from various problems that the Japanese government may not help.

Some of the major problems that Indians are facing today in Japan include the expired license of work and completion of semester for students on March 31 thus leading to no health insurance, apartment and facilities for people. People have no place to live and survive plus they are facing difficulty in communicating with the people in Japan.

The wide range of languages spoken in Japan is Japanese and Indians either know English or Hindi hence leading to barriers in communication when going for drug stores, hospitals and for other necessities. As per the situation in Japan – the country has declared a state of emergency last week on Tuesday but still, people are wandering around as public transport, restaurants and other necessities are on run.

Japan and Maharashtra hold similar density of population but the cases and the risk factor are 5 times more than Maharashtra.

Current cases in Maharashtra are 1426 total to 8356 in India whereas Japan recorded 6,748 cases overall. The place is no less risky than other places so the Indians in Japan are requesting the government to allow the rescue flight for them along with the assurance to quarantine and isolate themselves as per the rules laid by the government.

As Japan is rescuing their people from JAL flight, which is vacant from Japan, they are not allowing single Indian people to take it. The situation of worry increases and all Indian people want to come home and stay safe at their home with their family. Hence, people are assuring to follow the rules of the Indian government without creating any problem.

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