Services of crime scene cleaning workers


Accidents and crimes do happen in lives and causes traumas and pain. Many crime scenes contain blood and other biohazard contaminants that are risky for health. After the legal authorities left the crime scene, family members are left to do the cleaning on their own. Crime scenes are extremely dangerous places, full of traces of finger print powder, pepper spray and tear gas. There are remaining blood, bodily fluids and tissue resulting in case of death, accidents or crime can harm your health or mind.

Services of crime scene cleaning workers

After police and other investigating staff have finished their process of investigation and left the crime scene, the cleaning and restoration process can be started. At crime scene, there is blood, bodily fluids and hazardous waste, needed to be clean, remove and dispose of in proper way. It is not easy to deal with such trauma and everyone is not able to do it. This job needs professional training and certification in handling these materials efficiently and safely.

Trauma and crime scene cleanup service has professional staff that is fully trained and certified, respond immediately. They are equipped with proper tools, special equipment and protective gear to safely clean and sanitize the crime area. They know how to remove and dispose of harmful chemicals and remains of blood borne pathogens. Their main focus is to transform an unsafe environment to a safe, healthy and clean living or work place.

Many harmful chemicals are used in illegal drugs, leaves residues making crime scene a dangerous and biohazard pace. It is important to clean, remove and sanitize harmful agents that can cause illness in humans and animals.

Bio Pros 24/7 is a licensed crime scene cleanup company, which is available any time of day.They are always ready to provide their cleanup services at very affordable prices at crime scenes. Their technicians are well trained to handle all types of trauma, crime scene and biohazard cleanup in a professional way.

Trauma Cleanup

Crime scene Cleanup

Coronavirus and Covid19 building Contamination

Accident and Blood Cleanup

Hoarder Cleaning and Sanitation

Infectious diseases and Airborne Pathogens

Suicidal and Unattended deaths Cleanup

Water and Fire damage disaster

Sewage Cleanup and Sewer backup

Biohazard remediation

Our professional workers care about you and provide quick emergency response for your safety and well being.

Crime scene cleanup demand a professional approach while doing the cleaning job. A crime scene cleaner may have to deal with wide range of horrific and shocking situations and scenes. These crime scene cleaners are given special training and information to remain strong and get better understanding of different situations at crime scene.

It is important to focus on timely removal, cleanup, sanitization and bioremediation of contaminated fluids, forensic cleanup of blood and bodily fluids to protect and make your house safe to livable again. We are reliable and efficiently working in this industry for several years due to customer satisfaction.

Bio Pros owns big staff, offices and equipment, serving in association with law enforcement. Our team is certified and licensed and follow state and federal protocols for handling biohazard materials safely and disposing them in a suitable way.

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