The Lyconet Direct Selling Network and Its Unique Career Opportunities


Direct selling gives you the benefits of flexible time management and financial freedom from the comforts of any place. You get a great work-life balance and work when you like. In fact, with some reliable brands in the field of direct selling, you can also proceed to establish your international career with your own shopping network.

Earn consistent income and rewards with Lyconet

Lyconet is a highly reputed name in the field of direct selling. It is an integral part of Lyoness, a reputed multi-level marketing company established in Austria in 2003 with a presence in 6 continents and 40 countries across the globe. As a marketeer with Lyconet, you are able to operate your very own customer loyalty program that gives you consistent rewards and financial independence. You establish your own personal network by acquiring new members for Cashback World, which is a shopping community under this direct selling program.

Get valuable advice and tips from experts across the world

In order to reach out to its international community of network marketers, Lyconet organizes the Elite Seminar every year at special venues where network marketers from across the world can meet and get valuable insights into multi-level marketing trends and success. These events are really great for beginners and experienced marketers to exchange tips and views with one another. Every year at this event, guest speakers address the audience and give them valuable insights into direct selling and how to accomplish success.


Lucrative career opportunities and professional growth

The program that this esteemed brand offers is highly professional and provides one with unique career opportunities. Men and women from all backgrounds can enroll themselves under this program and earn a consistent income from the comforts of any place. Direct selling has no start-up costs, and it is ideal for people who want to become entrepreneurs. They can run their businesses with zero risks and costs. Direct selling also helps the market as it is a great alternative to retail stores and brings in several products in a cost-effective way.

How do consumers benefit from direct selling?

Direct selling helps customers get the convenience and the service they seek when it comes to buying products and services in the market. They are able to receive a personal demonstration of the product or a detailed explanation of the service from the salesperson directly. They enjoy home delivery and the benefits of a generous product satisfaction guarantee for their purchases.

The Lyconet network is a credible and trustworthy one with about 5 million customers across the world. There are several inspirational leaders in the field of direct selling to help those new in the field excel at their ability to improve sales and income. The events the brand organizes are informative platforms where salespersons get valuable insights from how to approach their targeted audience until closing the final sale. In short, these events are platforms to help one another when it comes to promoting and establishing the brand in the market with success!

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