The right of a Morocco girl to choose a husband


If you are thinking of marriage, you should consider things through first, especially if you are a Morocco Muslim girl. You should even think it through more if you are a non-Muslim girl intending to marry a Muslim guy. Every marriage under Islam is affected by Islam law; it doesn’t matter which country or territory you reside in. Islam is a way of life and not just a religion. This means that when you get married to a Muslim, you will be expected to live by the values and requirements of the faith, no matter where you are. This is especially the case for a girl.

What is the position of morocco girls?

In Islam, all over the world, marriage is not supposed to proceed without the consent of the bride. It doesn’t matter whether the woman is being married for the first time or if she was previously married. Consenting by the girl should be before the father of the bride, or the guardian can go ahead with any marriage preparations or contact.

morocco girls

Whenever a marriage is conducted, the registrar officiating must obtain the bride’s consent. In case a guardian is the one giving the bride away, the officiating person should get evidence that two witnesses agree that the bride has given the guardian the go-ahead and Naturally Tips for Remove Acne Scars.

For the case of a previously married woman, the citation of several hadiths serves to demonstrate that she has a better grasp of the situation at hand. As for a Moroccan virgin girl, if queried about her consent to the marriage, silence is considered as consent.

A previously married woman is expected to expressly state her consent in the marriage while a virgin’s consent can be silent. The logic behind this is that, if the girl is a virgin, she might be nervous to voice her approval. However, if the lady was previously married, she is ought to be practical, and there is nothing to be shy about for her.

Islamic stand on morocco girls consenting to marriage

Islam doesn’t condone the forcing of morocco girls into marriage. In the Quran, a woman approached the Prophet, and she wanted to complain about her father forcing her to marry her off to her nephew before first obtaining her consent. According to the woman, her father wanted to enhance his reputation using her marriage. After listening to the woman, the Prophet annulled the marriage. Afterwards, the woman told the Prophet, “Now that there are no restrictions, I happily accept this marriage. I only wanted it to be known that men have no say over women in their marriages”.


The woman is an equal partner in a marriage. She has a say at who she wants to marry and when. This is the case despite the Islamic law allowing the man to marry up to four wives. When a girl selects a man to be her husband, her father or guardian is required to facilitate the marriage. However, this should happen if the choice of the prospective groom is considered to be a suitable match.

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