Your First Office Space for Your Real Estate Brokerage


It doesn’t matter if you’re working out of your spare bedroom or a rented space in the city — what an exhilarating feeling to set up your office for your business! This is symbolic of your dream coming to fruition, which means that taking the time to set it up thoughtfully is extra-important. Not simply because you want to start decorating it and making it feel like home, but because you need a workstation that is going to run efficiently. The way that you arrange your space is not for looks alone, but plays an integral part in the functionality of your small business.

Come Up With A Logo

Before you move any furniture into the room at all, you need your business to be official. Sure, you’ve filled out the registration paperwork with the state and have gotten your tax forms squared away, but you don’t just want your business name on a sign, you want something that your audience is going to remember.

Your logo is going to be a direct reflection of your company, so choose wisely. Take a moment to think about all the best-known logos from big corporations: Apple, Disney, Starbucks and Nike, to name a few. What do they all have in common? How are they different? Take cues from popular businesses to understand what is working for them right now. If you’re an artist, that’s fantastic! You probably already have a design in mind. If you’ve found yourself struggling to get something put together, try working with a logo maker application online. These services are affordable, easy and can turn your vision into your real-life company emblem. Once you have it put together, your space can really start to feel like yours.

Evaluate What You Need

Now that the time has come to think about moving in, it’s also time to think about all the stuff it takes to run a business. This doesn’t only mean furniture (although yes, a table and a laptop might help), but everything else that you haven’t even thought about yet.


Bad lighting does more than strain your eyes and give you headaches; it brings down the atmosphere of a room. Visit the space at different times throughout the day to see what it looks like in the morning, afternoon and night. Consider LED light bulbs to save on energy and to greatly increase the brightness of any room.

Filing Cabinets

Try as you might to run a paperless office, the bottom line is that some documents need to be printed. This might include personal information about clients or employees that require a locked cabinet or government forms like W2s, but you will inevitably find yourself with stacks of paper. Invest in a couple of good filing cabinets to keep it organized.

Surge Protectors (Probably More Than You Think)

With so many items that need to be plugged in like laptops, cell phones, desk lamps and PCs, you run out of cord space a lot faster than you think you will. Now imagine tacking on an employee or two and needing to share the existing electrical outlets. Trust your gut and buy more than you think you’ll need. If you end up with extra, count it as a blessing.

Think About How You Work

No two people work exactly the same, but your daily duties can help to shape the path that your workday takes. Run your average workday through your head. How can you make your office space customized for the kind of work you do? Think about breaking it into zones. For example:

  • Desks and an office area for computers and printing (work zone)
  • A table in the center of the space for incoming mail and packages (mail zone)
  • Paper and extra office supplies tucked neatly away in a cabinet or closet (supply zone)

Again, it needs to fit the way that you work. You aren’t going to know exactly how it will function until you “live” there for a couple of weeks, but be mindful of how you typically get your job done and adjust your workspace accordingly. It’s so much easier to function when everything you need is right there at your fingertips.

Congratulations on starting your new adventure and finally delving into your startup. You are living one of the American dreams and are one of the few people who are brave enough to do so. As you begin your journey and get your office space set up, ensure that it’s exactly what you need. If it needs a little help, give it some time. Before you know it your office will be your home away from home.

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