3 Problems Everyone Has With DOES HEMP OIL MAKE YOU HIGH – How to Solve Them


Highest Quality, Pure Hemp Oil for Chronic Health Conditions and Pain

Medical research found from test participants taking hemp oil all but eliminated or at least significantly decreased the side effects from many diseases such as, but not limited to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancers, pain from inflammations, leukemia, and much more. Even with these profound findings, there are many more people who shy away from taking hemp because they do not want to take drugs or become addicted to marijuana and suffer all the known side effects, because we frequently hear, Does Hemp Oil Make You High?”

It all depends on the company producing and selling hemp oil. This determination is essential to assure that customers are buying the very highest quality of hemp oil. Our company grows, processes, and manufactures quality hemp. Our oil has little to none of the THC which may cause people to ask Does Hemp Oil Make You High? Our quality hemp oil should not give anyone the feeling of being “high.”

Hemp Oil Make You High

People respond differently to known side effects and outcomes. One person should never compare themselves to another as they never know how they react or how this natural remedy reacts to their specific illness until they try our product. Because we remove most of the THC from our products this in no way takes away the effectiveness of our

Functional Remedies for chronic health issues. The first thing the customer can do to remedy the “high” feeling they believe they get from hemp oil is to try our safe product line.

We Know at Least Three Problems Giving a Feeling of “High”

In chronic illness such as Parkinson’s disease the person no doubt suffers from tremors and uncontrollable muscle movements. Taking hemp oil the person discovers an increase in tremors and muscle movements. Large doses of hemp oil can mimic a “high” feeling especially if they take very high doses. The solution is to decrease the daily doses starting with minimal doses to eliminate the “high” feeling.

A problem some find when taking hemp oil is light headedness and tiredness. This may be due to a drop in blood pressure, but some people do not report this problem. This low blood pressure generally presents itself if the person is again, taking too high of a dose. If the doctor prescribed a medication to lower blood pressure, then that person needs to speak with their doctor before taking hemp oil. The remedy for this “high” feeling is to reduce the daily dose of hemp and take this dose of oil before bedtime.

Consumers must remember that the THC is the ingredient removed from our hemp oil and it is this ingredient which causes psychoactive side effects or the “high” that many try to describe and would be present when taking medical marijuana. Consumers never know how they react until they try our Functional Remedies product line. The proof is in our quality hemp oil products.

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