AccessiBe Renders Well-Planned Internet Accessibility Solutions to People With Disabilities


Ever since humans developed the art of inventions, they never stopped. They made way for bringing in several newer technologies, devices and gadgets and are still in process. However, among all other inventions, the introduction of computers and their services in human life have created revolutions worldwide. With this one machine called computer, humans today have rendered miracles time and again. A computer is one of technology’s best creations. Internet attached on to a computer is even better a provision that has made human lives way easier and more comfortable than what it used to be earlier. It is a fact that internet services are something that peopletoday cannot do without. This is because from studying to dating, from paying bills to applying for jobs, online services are just a click away. AccessiBe is however one of the topmost companies that give in for some effective means of internet and its services at best prices.

Unfortunately, there are many people to whom even common websites tend to be inaccessible due to certain physical disabilities.  Michael Hingson from AccessiBe has been at work since long. Hence, a few reasonable answers were attempted to be found out as soon as possible. One of the primary issues that his team has been working on is inaccessibility of websites. It is a fact that a huge number of websites get to work every minute whatsoever. But not all of them are easily accessible by the users. Not every site gets to be visible. Moreover, the sites that are currently out for the users are not very user-friendly. They are having not much information that can be accessed by people around. It is here that Michael Hingson tries paving out scalable solutions for these issues.

Michael Hingson who is supposed to be the Chief Vision Officer of AccessiBe bothers much about the people who are physically disabled in any way. He has been looking into the difficulties that these people often faced while surfing internet. He firmly believed that the sites that are put up for the public are not adequately informative at times. Besides, people who suffer from visual impairment need to get access to internet with better facilities. In this context the following points are taken into consideration while designing internet systems in the company.

  • Keyboard-based control
  • Navigation based on voice
  • Sites having more of information and illustrations

The above-mentioned provisions and a set of advanced tools are provided mainly to ensure comfort of the users while they stay online. These sites are highly accessible to the users. Additionally, they are well-designed and affordable by natives around. This is because; the primary motive of AccessiBe is to entertain all kinds of deals equally. This means it gives in for similar provisions to both small as well as large business procedures without any discrimination. This leads the company to be one of the most popular names in the digital world in the United States.

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