Teal Swan on How to Heal from a Painful Past


It can be traumatic for anyone with a complicated past to face the world and be enthusiastic about life. But staying in the pain that occurred in the past is not good. The old memories of addiction, abuse, death of a loved one, illness, or other painful events can keep returning to haunt the person. The best way to get rid of this is to set oneself free from them and make peace with whatever happened earlier. Otherwise, it can lead to emotional reactions.

One can find it hard to trust anything or anyone else. Or, this can prevent the ability to view things in the larger context. Holding on to pain can also manifest as physical illness. Hence, if someone is still grappling with the past pain, the best thing is to get over it. and other spiritual authors speak Teal Swan about the need to realize authenticity and embrace positive shifts in life. There are many ways to achieve this.

Painful Past

Healing from the problematic past by Teal Swan

Understanding that it is the past

It is essential to know that past is not the real thing—the present matters. The memories of the past occur in the present. When someone holds on to them, negative emotions like anger and hurt envelop the mind and body; those events do not exist today, so becoming aware of them can help overcome the suffering. The perspective about the present can change. It creates scope to focus on new feelings, which otherwise may not be possible. So, focus on the present experiences.

Letting go of the thoughts and feelings

When trying to eliminate pain resulting from memories, one needs to change their ways of dealing with their thoughts. However, it is necessary to realize that this exercise is not about forgetting the past, ignoring feelings, acknowledging things, or letting the wound heal. Also, it is not about delving into the painful emotions or redoing the past. Instead, it is necessary to maintain peace, sanity, freedom, etc.

Taking on the responsibility

After the stage is all set, it becomes easy to let go of the feelings. The person has to take control of their happiness. One cannot depend on others to make them happy. Taking responsibility allows the person to understand their internal landscape and become aware of anything that makes them unhappy. It opens up the space to realize the emotions that hurt the body and mind most. Constantly living in the past takes away the opportunity to open up one’s heart to new beginnings. That’s why it is vital to care for oneself.

According to Teal Swan, restoring one’s wholeness is essential. However, it is a process. A conscious attempt at changing the perception about memories and living in the present can help yield positive outcomes. Every person will have a unique journey. Some can respond to a healing approach faster, while others can take longer. No matter what, the effect of this can be long-term and sustainable. The person can expect to get control over life eventually.

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