Ali Ata – Beat Workplace Stress with Classical Music


College students spend four years of their lives studying very hard and meeting various assignments deadlines to get good grades. The objective of most of these pupils is to secure a lucrative job once they pass out and start a successful career. Unfortunately, as soon as these aspirants join the workforce, they experience a lot of stress. These individuals’ anxiety is due to the pressure to maintain optimum performance levels in order to meet their employers’ expectations. In many cases, these employees have to work long hours and meet tight deadlines to get a promotion. Otherwise, they could end up being laid off. This type of situation affects their mental and physical health over time.

Ali Ata – Can listen to classical music daily help people reduce workplace stress?

Ali Ata is a well-known assistant professor of English from Kuwait. He currently teaches at the American University of The Middle East. He has several years of valuable experience in the field of education and has many popular publications in his name. Many of the students who attend his lectures respect and admire him for being a good teacher. Most of them admit he has successful in transforming their lives by enhancing their intellectual abilities. In his spare time, he loves to listen to both Western and Eastern classical music.

Why should people suffering from workplace stress listen to classical music for a few minutes?

Ail Ata admits people experiencing a lot of workplace stress believe listening to any form of music is a waste of time. This because these individuals feel they are not doing anything productive, spending a few minutes listening to music. Unfortunately, these employees fail to realize that their productivity actually falls when they are stressed. Their anxiety only affects these individuals’ overall health but also takes a toll on their personal relationships. In the worst-case scenario, they generally end up going through a messy separation or divorced from their spouse. It is not surprising that many of them end up suffering from severe depression.

He goes on to explain that listening to all forms of  helps people of all occupations relax their minds. It has a soothing effect on their physiological functions by decreasing hormone levels responsible for inducing stress. At times, listening to classical music increases dopamine levels, which makes them calm and happy. In fact, people who listen to classical music on their way to work notice their heart rate slows down. They also have lower blood pressure levels in comparison to those who do not listen to any form of music. It acts as an ideal stress buster for them over time. Even people who are into meditation also notice that their minds do not wander while listening to classical music.

Ail Ata says that people experience workplace stress should take some time out of their daily lives to listen to classical music. They can do so while driving to work or after returning home. It can reduce the stress hormones in their bodies and increase dopamine levels. This can help them remain calm, happy, and increase their productivity over time. As a result, they will be in a position to outperform their colleagues in the workplace with success!

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