Are you visiting New York First Time? Read our 6 Tips to save time and Money


New York city, one of the most populated cities of the world is at the top of the list for places to be visited for most tourists. New York is one of the costly cities of the world as well because it is hard to visit New York on budget, whether you like it or not, you must spend some money on your visit to New York. From shopping, to eating, transport, Broadway shows and a host of others, you will end up spending than you must have budgeted to spend.

Are you visiting New York First Time? Read our 6 Tips to save time and Money

With this article, you will be well informed enough to stay ion budget and even make some savings on your budget. You need to stay in New York City like a local.

Taxi, Uber? NO!

Getting around the city cost a lot of money in New York especially if you are hoping into taxis and Uber. They charge you $10 per ride and as much as it seems like nothing, 10 rides add up to a $100. Imagine what it will be like if you had to stay for a week or 2. To be like the locals, all you need to do is to purchase a weekly transit pass for subway metros and buses or you can even hitch a walk around the city, your way.

Get out of Mid-town

Out of the mid-town, you will get to save a lot of money easily. From the Korean BBQ, Macy’s Herald square cheap prices and even the huge bright lights of Times Square, you will be fully drawn away from the mid-town. Although, the great attractions and Broadway in mid-town are enticing, the cost of accommodation and food within the mid-town is at the ceiling. To save on accommodation, stay in Queens or Brooklyn.

Cheap Broadway ticket

Downtown Brooklyn and even the South street Seaport are best places to get the cheap Broadway tickets as against the well documented TKTS in Times Square. This is because you will meet shorter lines and this will give tourists a great opportunity to scoop as much tickets as possible. Getting a “rush ticket” is another great way of getting the cheap Broadway tickets. Rush tickets are gotten when box office opens at around 10am but are in limited quantity. You can also win a lottery ticket by going to the show 2 hours earlier. You will need to write and place your name in the lottery bucket and wait for your win.

Take part in a free tour

There are several free tours in New York City. From the Big Apple Greeters to the Free Tours by Foot. You can even join The Grand Tour, The High Line, Central Park Conservancy or even the Brooklyn Brewery/. These tours avail tourists the opportunity to visit various attraction sites in the New York. If you are wandering where to vist in the New York, you can make use of the New York Tourist attractions map.

The free events

The Central Park’s Delacorte Theater offers free tickets to most performances of Shakespeare in the Park; all the line is always too long. You get to see free weekly outdoor flicks at Bryant Park also. New York has a host of free events almost all year round but more in the summer. So Instead of wasting a lot of money going to paid shows, you can save some cash by attending free shows here and there and enjoying your tour at the same time. You can click here to see more New York events available for tourists

Join a Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

The Hop-on Hop-off tour bus available in the New York City offers tourists even the advantage to get to see the Lady Liberty. The buese have 10 stops all around the city  with highlights from the Times Square up to the Brooklyn Bridge. The bus also provides an official tour guide in English who will make sure that the tourists does not miss a thing of all the attractions New York City can provide.

Tourists can hop-on and off anytime they wish to shop, eat, drink, take pictures and even have talk and fun meeting friends both other tourists  and even the locals.  click here for New York bus tours comparison to check out the available bus tours and how much they cost.

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