Best Engagement Rings – Learn About These Popular Engagement Ring Designs Before Selecting One


While you make so many decisions regarding your wedding like the venue, menu, dress, etc. Selecting an engagement ring ranks first on the priority list. The type of design should be as unique as your bond and suit the hand of the person adorning it. There are different diamond ring designs available to suit the style preference of different individuals. Some people like it simple and sleek, for them a classic cut design can work best. Whereas some like it striking and trendy, such people can opt for statement ring with large stone. It is important to choose the right cut, shape and quality that will be appreciated by the wearer and should be comfortable. Buying has become easy today with an array of options available to shop diamond rings online.

Here is a guide that will help you know the top 5 designs of diamond rings to choose from.

  1. Prong setting – Prong is the most commonly preferred setting and falls in a classic style. The metal claw that holds the diamond is called a prong. Prongs come in different shapes round, pointed, flat or v-shaped selected as per the type of diamond it will hold. The best part about prong setting, it highlights the diamond and lets the light pass through it enhancing its shine. It is an uncomplicated design and thus easy to keep clean.
  2. Bezel setting – Bezel setting is the second most popular ring type. Unlike a prong setting it comes with a rim that encircles the middle stone. The shape of the rim depends on the shape of the stone it holds and thus it keeps the stone more secured. It offers an unconventional look and is preferable for everyday use.
  3. Tension setting– Tension setting is named after the pattern of metal tension that holds the diamond. It offers an unconventional look to the ring and thus has gained popularity over the time. There are various attractive styles available that jewelers offer and customise as per your choice. This type of setting is attractive and budget-friendly.
  4. Channel Setting – Channel setting is one of the sleek styles in diamond rings. It is basically a channel of diamonds or other small stones set together closely in a band. It either comes as a band or with a bigger diamond set in middle. The design is more complex and thus are costlier. But channel setting rings ensure to grab everyone’s attention with its elegant appearance.
  5. Halo setting – The halo setting is the most glamorous type of ring design. Similar to channel setting, it comes with small diamonds set closely in a concentric circle pattern. There is a stone either a diamond of a significant size or other gemstone set in middle of the halo. Tou can find a halo setting ring with plain band or a pave Band that is studded with small diamonds depending on your style preference.

Choosing a ring is as important as choosing a life partner cause it represents the beautiful bond and must be timeless like your relation.

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