How I Choose Table Saw Fence


Table saws allow you to make accurate cuts through wood. They help you make both straight and angled cuts to fulfill your different purposes. If you want precise cuts safely, you can use a table saw fence as an integral part of your table saw.

A table saw fence moves parallel to the saw blades to maintain the accuracy of repeated cuts. According to your measurements of the length of wood, you can adjust this tool to be lined up for a clean rip along the grain.

When you’re going to choose the best table saw fence, there are some other factors to consider before making a purchase. They might be construction material, type, power, accuracy, locking mechanism, etc.

How to Choose the Best Table Saw Fence

Cutting across the grain can be hazardous. It can cause kickbacks that can severely injure you. This means choosing the right table saw fence is essential. So, let’s check the factors below before purchasing a table saw fence.

Select the Right Type of Fence

Table saw fences come in two primary categories, such as T-square fence and standard table fence. While the T-Square fence allows you to get accurate geometric cuts, such as squares and rectangles, the standard table fence helps you slide forward and backward smoothly to make more precise cuts.

Choose the Comfortable Size

The comfortable fence size depends on which table saw you’re using or going to use. There are two sizes of rip fences: a 30-inch rip fence and a 50-inch rip fence.

A 30-inch rip fence requires a little space to install. If you need to cut small materials too often, use a 30-inch rip fence for better results.

On the contrary, if you have large projects and working areas that need longer pieces of materials, we recommend you choose a 50-inch table saw fence.

Check the Core Features

When you’re going to purchase a table saw fence, check the core features of that particular fence to make sure that it provides you long-lasting service.

  • Power

If you’re going to cut large quantities of materials, an electric rip fence will be powerful enough and provides you with desired outcomes. This will save time and effort so that you can focus on further creative activities.

  • Materials

The best table saw fences are the construction of either steel or aluminum. Tools made from these materials are usually lightweight and provide additional support to your saw. Avoid fences that come with plastic materials as they can easily be broken down.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy is not something that a shopkeeper will tell you while purchasing a table saw fence. People who have used a particular model can provide you the answers about the accuracy of the fence. If your saw fence is well-constructed and designed, it will have an impact on accuracy.

  • Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is an essential part of any table saw fence. It ensures that the face of the fence remains in a position so that the fence cannot vibrate while cutting. As a result, you can make accurate cuts every time.


After all, a table saw fence provides you with accurate measurements. It also helps you avoid mistakes while cutting a piece of lumber into many small pieces. In this regard, you only need to consider the factors before purchasing the right table saw fence for you.

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