Bruce Weber Shares Tips to Leverage a Professional Corporate Portrait Photographer for Branding

Photographer for Branding

The entire world is now digital. The 2020 lockdown and global pandemic led to a surge in our screen times. From remote work, digital marketing, social media marketing to zoom meetings, many new terms became a lot more familiar in our daily lives. One thing to note here is that digitization has made businesses more visible over social media. This has made a brand more susceptible to scrutiny, highlighting every move and failure. Digitization has created a demand for more transparency and engagement. This has also fueled the competitiveness among brands to stand out from the crowd.

Tips from Bruce Weber to look out for

  • Tell Your Story

Storytelling is the demand of today’s consumer world. People no longer seek the luxury aspect or just the utility part of a product. They seek an emotional connection, relevance, and narration. Make sure your photoshoot tells your brand story while aligning it with your brand’s tone. As per Bruce Weber, a renowned fashion photographer, an image or photo is always a way to tell your story.

  • Go for Natural or Professional Lighting

Lighting matters a lot to create a charming appeal. The difference between a great Instagram feed with many followers and reach and a less-popular Insta-feed is the quality of shared pictures and video content. You can capture the most fabulous view with a perfect caption, but if the picture quality is mediocre, you won’t gain much market penetration and reach your target audience.

  • Opt for a Plain Backdrop

If the backdrop is too distracting, it takes away from the focus you are trying to achieve in a picture for the audience. It’s better to have a plain background. Even if a few wall hangings such as a family portrait, a photo, painting, or something else, make sure it’s not too complicated or striking.

  • Incorporate Props

Props are great and can make even the dullest picture pop. However, you must ensure that it goes with the tone you are trying to achieve for your business while keeping your brand image intact. Then again, you cannot have your props overshadowing your primary focus of the picture, and it should complement it.

  • Humanize Your Business

Today’s consumers want to get familiar with the humans responsible for a business. They don’t want to interact with a bot or an inanimate object. Bring out your brand’s personality and casually capture your employees. Don’t hesitate to put out pictures celebrating your employees, and it only makes your brand more approachable and attractive.

  • Trends Aren’t Helpful Always

The internet is full of trends. From a viral song, a meme to embarrassing celebrity moments, advertisements, and much more, don’t try to jump on every trend wagon. It might seem like a great idea to expand your reach, but it may hamper your brand reputation negatively. The same goes for clothes, props, and your set for the photoshoot. Employees ask them to carry a more professional look and avoid outrageous hairstyles or makeup.

The trick with trends is that it may look hip now, but it will only seem out of place in a day or two. Photographers like Bruce Weber mention that you need to be creative and expressive with photography sessions

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