Choosing The Best Luxurious Silk Bed Sheets

silk bed sheets

Sleep is crucial for both adults and children. And one of the things that can greatly affect the quality of sleep is the type of beddings that you use at home. There are different kinds of fabric to choose from, but the most luxurious by far is silk. This might be the time to consider changing your bedding ensemble. If you are looking for the best quality silk bed sheets, then here’s how to shop online.

Type of Silk Sheets

Silk fabrics come in a variety of types. The most common is mulberry silk. It comes from a type of silkworm that is bred for industrial purposes. And the most popular type of mulberry silk is called “Charmeuse.” This is usually made into dresses, nightgowns, and bedsheets. It has a high luster yet less friction compared to other silk types. It’s durable yet very affordable for most buyers.

Weight Differs

You have to remember that quality silk sheets come in different weights based on their momme or “mm.” This is a Japanese measurement where the weight of a silk piece is being taken into consideration. When buying silk sheets, take note that the higher the momme weight, the heavier and thicker the silk is, and the pricier they get.

Colors of Your Choice

Just like other fabric types, silk also comes in a variety of colors. You can always match and complement it with the other things in your bedroom like your walls, carpet, drapes, and so on. But you have to remember that the luster and sheen of the fabric will stand out from the rest of the colors in your bedroom. The popular picks are deep purple colors because it’s the favorite of the Chinese royalties. The standard greens, blues, and reds on the other hand will give your bed a vibrant color.

Look Out For Synthetics

It is crucial that you know how to differentiate pure silk from synthetic one. Satin is the synthetic version of silk and is usually made into its substitute. But remember that silk should still be preferred by many because of its softer feel compared to satin. So if you are looking for pure silk bed sheets, make sure that it states “100% silk” on its label.

Quality sleep can affect your overall health. The last thing you want is to buy bed sheets that will make it uncomfortable for you to sleep. So if you want to try silk beddings this time, then make sure that you consider the tips above for the best quality silk sheets purchase.

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