The Latest Washing Machine Features


Washing machines have made our lives easier and less stressful. However, washing machine manufacturers have never stopped its growth and have constantly worked towards updating the washing machines’ features, making it even most advanced and user-friendly. Check out the options on the Washing Machine Price List in India.

If you are interested in buying a new washing machine but aren’t sure what features are available or would suit you best, you have reached the right place.

Here are some of the latest washing machine features for you to make the right choice:-

  • Reloading Feature– This feature allows you to interrupt your existing wash load and add something that you forgot to add before. This has made life simpler. With just a click of a button, the machine will pause when the water recedes to a level that can allow the door to open safely without spilling water all over the floor, causing more trouble and adding more work. The Bosch Series 6 Avantixx can be considered in this category.
  • Air Dry Feature– This feature helps enhance the drying process by opening up the vents to allow warm air to get it and circulate while it’s spinning. This raises the temperature within the drier, aiding the evaporation of the water faster. This is ideal for fabrics that take longer to dry. This is an optional feature that can be switched on or off, making it ideal for those who want to save on energy consumption as this feature will help you avoid the usage of the tumbler dryer. You can opt for the Electrolux Aura Logic Super ET65ASMR.
  • Smart Rinsing Feature– This feature helps you adjust the water consumption and avoid unnecessary usage of water. Making it ideal for places with a water crisis and the need to save water is important. However, those with sensitive skin need to be cautious and make sure that this isn’t causing any skin allergies. Less water means the soap may not be rinsed out properly, leaving residue in the clothes. The Godrej WT Eon 650 PFH has this feature, and if it interests you, then you can check it out on Godrej Washing Machine Price in India to get more info.
  • Memory Wash Feature– This feature will remember your preferred choice of washing clothes; hence, you do not need to manually set the settings on each wash unless you wish to do so. You can also have multiple settings you can choose from with just one click saving you a few minutes. The Samsung WW85H7410EW/TL is the best in this category.

However, all this comes with a price that you can check out on the Washing Machine Price List in India and Godrej Washing Machine Price in India to be able to make an informed choice.

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