Cleaning your homes from coronavirus

Cleaning your homes from coronavirus

As COVID-19 is not old, so not much is known about it. Although, what we know is that it spreads through respiratory droplets. Maintaining a distance of 6 feet from one another can prevent it from spreading from one person to another. Similarly, another prevent measure that we can take is properly cleaning the dirty areas. Households should take this responsibility of cleaning their homes properly and regularly. However, if any area is found to have infected persons, it is very necessary to properly cleanse and disinfect that area. Properly venting the place before disinfection process starts is very important. If a person with positive corona virus has been removed from his house, that home should be allowed to vent properly before cleaning. The reason is this virus will become weak with time and chances of its spread will decrease.

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While cleaning the house, one should make sure to acquire all the necessary precautionary measures. One should know about the proper use of disinfecting material. Proper venting should be available. Personal safety is of most importance. One should make sure that he is properly covered and is not exposed to the infection or virus.Doorknobs, mobile phones, laptops, switches, furniture, stair case railings and bathrooms should be regularly cleansed. If you are planning to clean electronic equipment, you should follow the given instructions properly.

If you are having an infected person in your home, be very cautious to maintain a safe distance from them. They should be confined to a separate room. Proper steps should be followed for coronavirus cleanup and disinfection. Their room should be properly disinfected. Similarly, all the things in the room and bathroom should be regularly cleansed. You should be properly covered while using disinfectants to cleanse the surfaces. Cover your hands with gloves and do not reuse them. You should properly wash your hands after cleaning. Similarly, use gowns that cover your full body to avoid coming in touch with the virus. Your feet should also be covered in disposable covers. When you have finished cleaning, dispose off all the protective equipment properly. Disposing off the equipment is also very important so that they do not become the source of spreading virus.

If you think that you cannot take all these precautionary measures, you can get the help of any certified cleaning company. Make sure the company you are selecting acquires all the necessary measures to clean your home properly and is using state of the art technology.

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You can avoid COVID-19 virus by maintaining a safe distance from one another, washing hands with soap for 20 seconds, covering your mouth with a tissue while sneezing and by avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth. If you do not have a tissue paper, try sneezing in your elbow. Avoid hand shaking with one another. As water consumption is increasing worldwide due to this pandemic, we can save a lot of water simply by turning the tap off while using soap for 20 seconds.

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