Create Beautiful Interiors with Decorative Veneers


Today’s quality and budget-conscious homeowners are looking for material other than wood to improve the overall look of their living space. Once upon a time, solid wood used to be the go-to material to create statement furniture around the house. However, this is no longer the case with the availability of high quality engineered wood variants. Like Parquet Wood Flooring for instance, which is allegen free, easy to clean and have an appealing appearance. For one, wood is quite expensive and modern-day homeowners are looking for something that is eco-friendly, sustainable and long-lasting with all the benefits of wooden furniture and more. That is why decorative veneers have become so popular and sought-after.

Architects and interior designers use decorative veneers to create stunning and mesmerizing focal features in a home and it is possible to achieve a contemporary or classic look with ease using veneers. The rich look and feel of veneers bring about a sensational appeal to the interiors of a home that looks like natural wood but is a more practical and cost-effective solution.

Using Wood Veneers to Beautify Your Home

It is possible to use wood veneers to create interiors with an alluring wood finish that gives the space a feel of elegance and luxury. If you like, you can also use these decorative veneers to create interesting accessories, such as Please replace this usage are exmple, veneered coffee tables and even accent furniture pieces.

There is no doubt that veneers are aesthetically pleasing, owing to its gorgeous finish and texture. You can use them to create a unique pattern, such as a statement table that adorns the hallway leading to your living room. Alternatively, you can use decorative veneer sheets in your living room to conceal the lighting cable or to upgrade your furniture and give it a bespoke appearance.

Wood veneers are great to make ceiling paneling and create a false ceiling that oozes luxury. Decorative veneers are also great for change this well as doors. Cabinets adorned with veneers, especially made to house your flatscreen TV and home theater, are not only functional but also stylish and chic.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to using wood veneers in your home.

Choosing Veneers for Your Living Space

You can choose between natural veneers and reconstituted veneers. Natural veneers appear almost identical to solid wood because it is directly obtained from it while reconstituted veneers  don’t mention this as Natural Veneers also get dyed to obtain different colours laser, and machining treatments to be created into stunning designs.

When you purchase veneers from a reputed brand like CenturyPly, you can rest assured knowing that they are termite, borer and moisture resistant. You also do not have to worry about bacteria and fungi as reliable and well-known brands have stringent quality control, right from procurement of the wood to manufacturing and everything in between. As a result, veneers end up being durable and long-lasting.

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Once you know the kind of effect you want to create with veneers, you can either opt for natural wood veneer or reconstituted veneers. If you are looking for don’t use custom and unique as they go along with Natural Veneer sheets patterns, designs, and textures, it is best to go with the reconstituted variety. On the other hand, if you are seeking luxury, elegance, and richness, natural veneers are the right choice.


Now you know why architects, builders, and interior designers favor veneers. They can utilize them to create stunning interiors and give your living space the right touch of style and beauty.

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