How to Choose a Cordless String Trimmer


Those of us who love to take care of our garden need quite a few tools. From saw to shovel and then lawnmower, there are plenty. One such vital tool is a string trimmer. Beginners, most of the time, tend to make a mistake by expecting a lawnmower to trim everything neat. But to reach the fence poles and tree trunks, you need a string trimmer. It is also used to give a final neat and tidy touch to the grass and groundcover. 

How to Choose a Cordless String Trimmer


A string trimmer has a string in place of the blade. The string is flexible and made of monofilament line. There are too many options to choose from when it comes to string trimmer. You have gas-powered one, and both corded and cordless string trimmer. Cordless powered string trimmers operate with a charged battery. They are as good as the gas-powered ones, slightly better as there is no emission. While choosing a cordless string trimmer, you need to consider certain aspects. Let’s discuss them.

Sturdy Line 

It is the string that does all the work. So, it has to be robust. A well made plastic fiber is going to cut the most stubborn and thick weeds with ease. Never opt for a thin string or one that is cheap. Prepare yourself to invest in a trimmer that has a sturdy line, even if it costs a bit more. 

Powerful Battery 

No doubt, the best cordless string trimmer requires a powerful battery. The battery has to be powerful enough to rotate the flywheel smooth. The ease in flywheel rotation will make sure the crankshaft to drive with ease and fast, and cutting the toughest of grasses. Go for a trimmer that has a 40v Lithium-Ion battery. It is going to last long. Also, do not need to charge often. And if you need to, it recharges in no time. 


The shaft can be long and sturdy, but the trimmer overall has to be lightweight. You will have to push and move it on the surface. So handling it must be easy. Go with the dual handle ones, to distribute the weight on both your arms.

 Safety Guard 

A safety guard is a must in a string trimmer. It saves you from unwanted injuries. Many a time, people remove the safety guard as it keeps the line short. And that is wrong. The safety guard is the only way to keep away the debris and other dangerous stuff flying all over you and hurting your eyes and body. 

Auto or Bump Feed 

Auto ones feed line automatically, and bump ones need a slight bump on the ground to feed line. Both are great on their own. Many prefer auto as it allows a continuous line feeding. And those who want better control of the line feed goes for the bump feed. So, it comes down to your preference. 


Such trimmers are too noisy. Noise hampers your work mood. So choose one that is silent or makes less noise.

No Vibration 

Vibration is not good for your health. So, go with an anti-vibration string trimmer.

A great tool not only saves precious time but make your work easy. So, try to invest in a string trimmer that has great features.

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