How To Make Birthdays Exciting and Memorable?


Once again, the earth has revolved around the sun, and it’s your special one’s birthday. In this piece of writing, we have listed down a few ideas to make the celebration even more memorable and exciting than the birthday guest of honour could have imagined.

How To Make Birthdays Exciting and Memorable

Sending birthday gifts and texts obviously makes the recipient feel good, but that someone special deserves something extra. We want to help you in your planning and organizing. Let’s get started.

  1. Treasure Balloons: Bursting balloons is a birthday ritual. Whether a kid or an adult, no one can resist bursting balloons on birthdays. This time, let’s make this activity more fun-filled, sentimental, and rewarding experience with these ideas.
  • Take a Big Balloon and inflate it.
  • Now deflate it, open and stretch the opening of the balloon.
  • Fill the balloon with candies, messages, and confetti.
  • For messages, write on a chit of paper, fold it small and stuff inside.
  • For confetti, cut coloured and glossy papers into small pieces. You can also add thermocol balls.
  • If you want, put inside some money as well.
  • Blow it again and hang it from the ceiling.
  • Burst and collect your rewards!
  1. Gift Scavenger Hunt: Instead of giving one gift to the birthday guest of honour, plan a number of gifts or tokens corresponding the age of the recipient. Hide them around the house. Make cues and hints and give it the recipient. All through the day, the recipient has to find all the gifts based on the hints. Make it interesting by puzzling the finder with wrong clues.
  1. Birthday Countdown: Can you even think of celebrating the birthdays without a countdown? Countdowns on social networking websites are common. Why don’t do it the unique way.
  • Every day when the clock strikes 12, start the countdown.
  • Buy a blow horn and gather the family around.
  • Give a small token to the birthday boy or girl until the D-day arrives.
  • Then, on the eve order cake online in Mumbai or wherever you live availing midnight delivery to kickstart the celebrations.
  1. Pay It Forward: Encourage the birthday guest of honour to do a good deed on his or her birthday. The act of kindness will surely make the birthday memorable. If the birthday boy or girl is an animal lover, take him or her to a pet friendly place or simply feed the dogs. Then, you can also take him or her to the NGO and spend a day with them. Parties are fun, but this is satisfying beyond the words.
  1. Letter Parade: This one is for milestone birthday celebrations, like 18th birthday, 50th birthday, etc. Reach out to the close friends, family members, all those who know the person well. Request them to write letters addressed to the birthday person sharing a favourite story and memory with the birthday person anonymously. Send the letters by post and let the person guess. See, how many right guesses does he or she can get?
  1. Birthday Montage: Digital birthday celebrations because it’s the digital age. Create a birthday montage with audio-visuals. Speak a few lines about the birthday person (keep it friendly and funny), then at last sing, sing, and sing Happy Birthday in a group. Some of you can also shake a leg. Send it to the birthday person and see the widest smile gracing the face with happy tears in the eyes.
  1. Gift an Experience: Whether you live near or far away, try gifting the birthday person an experience to remember. Based upon the likes and dislikes, organize a surprise visit to a place or indulge in an activity, like:
  • Amusement Park
  • Indulge in Adventurous activities
  • Concerts, exhibitions, fairs
  • Stand-up comedy shows
  • Photography, dancing, painting classes
  1. Get Wild: Let the birthday person adopt a dog or a cat on his or her birthday. If you wish to surprise the birthday person, then just bring home a dog or a cat and let the pet wake him or her up on the birthday day. You can also make the dog wear the cap that reads “I am your gift” and give it to the person.

So, this is how you can make birthday celebrations truly unforgettable. It’s a special day, do unique things to keep the excitement alive, every year.

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