Industries Where CNC Machining is Used


CNC or Computer Numeric control, this is a machine which is used to control some tools which are used in different functions like drilling, 3D printer, and more such functions. CNC machining is controlled by coding, to meet the sim of the work. Also, it has a piece of some plastic, wood, or something to start the processing.

Now, that you know about this, you might be curious to know which are the industries where CNC machining is used. In this article, I will mention a few industries, where this is used usually.

Industries for removing metal

The metal which we get purified is first gone through the industries for cleaning. In the metal removing industry, the first metal is removed from the raw material. Then the metal which is extracted can be used for different purposes like automotive material, shafts, gears, etc.

All these metal removal processes are done by using CNC tools like drilling machine, boring machine shaping machine. You can also carry out grinding function with the CNC tools. Usually, these machines are used by the operators but now, this machine is used on a vast level for big industries and projects.

Industries for Fabricating Machines

You might have seen that at few places thin plates like steel plates are used in various machines or automobiles. In fabricating industries work is done on these kinds of thin plates. In fabricating industries the CNC machines are used for various machining operations for example shearing, flame or plasma cutting, laser cutting, punching, forming, and welding, and many other operations.

After completion of all the steps, CNC plasma and CNC lasers are used in order to bring the plates in its final shape.

EDM Industry

In the EDM industry, metals are removed by giving electrical or spark to the metal. There are two kinds of EDM which are Vertical EDM and Wire EDM, both work differently in the same industry. Vertical EDM is used to make the cavity in the thin plate using the electrodes. Whereas the Wire EDM is used to lastly for the punch and die combination once the complete fabrication is done.

Other Industries

Other than the mentioned industries there are more where these CNC tools are used like in wood industries, here the tools are used are extensive level. There are also CNC machines for the electrical industry such as CNC coil winders, and CNC terminal location and soldering machines.


CNC is a numeric machine that is used to operate different tools by using, coding, and numeric control. This is used mainly in the factories for metals and plastics. Also, there are few specific, industries where these CNC tools are used.

In this article, I have mentioned about China cnc machining and how does it work, and where these tools are used usually. I hope you liked this article.

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