Is Xfinity 10G Twice As Fast As 5G?


Xfinity 10G is not twice as fast as 5G. 5G stands for “fifth generation of cellular technology” whereas Xfinity 10G Network is the new brand name for Xfinity’s network. Xfinity 10G has nothing to do with 5G. However, the new brand name may hint at Xfinity’s plans for the future of the internet.

In this article, we explain what Xfinity 10G is, what it is not, what it may hint at, who can use it, and how you can get access to it. Let’s get started.

What is Xfinity 10G Network?

According to the Xfinity 10G webpage, Xfinity 10G Network is the brand name Xfinity has given to its network. As far as we can tell, it doesn’t mean anything in particular. However, it may be a clue to Xfinity’s plans for the future.

Is Xfinity 10G 10 Gigabit?

10G definitely doesn’t mean the 10th Generation. Does it mean 10 Gigabit then? Well, it’s complicated.

Xfinity currently doesn’t offer 10 Gbps internet speeds anywhere in the US. No ISP currently offers 10 Gbps. So Xfinity 10G doesn’t mean 10 Gbps speed as of now. But it may be Xfinity’s way of revealing its plans to work towards networks capable of 10 Gbps networks, also called 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Xfinity 10G and 10 Gigabit Ethernet

10 Gigabit Ethernet is a group of technologies capable of transmitting data at 10 Gbps. Also called 10GE, 10 GbE, and 10GigE, the technology has been around since 2002 and has been evolving since. Its use has been limited to large data networks due to its high cost of manufacturing and operation.

Opticalfiber cables have also been utilized for 10G Ethernet, which brings down the cost of the technology. With optician fibers gradually replacing coaxial cables, it may not be long till 10 Gbps internet speeds are available to customers.

Is Xfinity 10G Fiber?

Xfinity 10G is a coax cable internet, not optical fiber. However, Xfinity’s 10G webpage says that the network “will continue to get smarter, faster, more reliable, and secure.” This may mean that Xfinity plans to gradually replace its coaxial cables with optical fiber.

Is Xfinity Building A 10 Gigabit Ethernet?

Xfinity hasn’t disclosed whether it plans to build a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network for customers. However, Xfinity’s internet speeds have been increasing as its network evolves to better compete with other ISPs. Internet speeds with Xfinity will reach 10 Gbps soon, although it’s difficult to say when.

Who Can Use Xfinity 10G?

Xfinity 10G Network is just a new name for Xfinity’s network. Anyone with access to Xfinity Internet can use Xfinity 10G.

Is Xfinity 10G Wireless?

Xfinity 10G is a wired network. However, wireless devices can use Xfinity 10G such as by connection to Xfinity 10G via Wi-Fi or Xfinity Mobile.

Xfinity 10G Home Internet

Xfinity 10G is available for homes at download speeds ranging from 200 to 1200 Mbps. You can also choose plans with data caps and term agreements and get discounts.

How to Get Xfinity 10G

Xfinity has internet plans with 6 different speeds. You can also choose offers with data caps and term agreements to get discounts.

Xfinity 10G Speeds

Xfinity has six internet plans with different upload and download speeds. Here’s a list of the plans with their upload and download speeds:

  • Connect 75/10
  • Connect More 200/10
  • Fast 400/10
  • Superfast 800/20
  • Gigabit 1000/20
  • Gigabit Extra 1200/35

Connect and Connect More are fast enough for an average home with up to 5 devices. You can easily stream movies at high quality without disruption. Fast and Superfast are ideal for homes with above-average data needs such as smart homes. Gigabit and Gigabit Extra are the fastest speeds offered by Xfinity and are targeted toward online gamers and smart homes with a large number of smart devices.

Xfinity 10G Offers

In addition to 10 packages, Xfinity 10G also has custom offers. You can choose to have a 1.2 TB data cap on your network for a discount. You can also get term agreements of 1 or 2 years to earn further discounts on your package. The cost of other equipment and installation is calculated separately. Head out to to know more about Xfinity 10G offers.

Xfinity 10G Cost

Xfinity 10G can cost less than $20 to more than $100per month. The cost depends on your speed and the terms of your agreement, and whether or not you need additional devices. Talk to an Xfinity Customer Service agent to get an accurate estimate for the service you need.

Is Xfinity 10G Available In Your Area?

Xfinity is the most widely available ISP in the US. It offers internet even in rural areas where it’s the only provider. However, not all Xfinity 10G speeds are available everywhere. Visit to see which Xfinity 10G plans are available in your area.

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