Paolo Boffetta Highlights on How Drinking Can Cause Cancer


People who tend to drink too much alcohol are susceptible to various forms of cancer. The disease adversely affects their vital organs and can shorten their lifespan. This is because ethanol in alcohol disintegrates in their bodies to form a toxic chemical substance known as acetaldehyde. It disrupts the proper functioning of their DNA, acting as an instruction manual for controlling cell growth and division. As a result, their bodies are unable to repair or replace dead cells with new ones naturally. Moreover, the malignant dead cells start to replicate and spread in geometric proportions resulting in cancerous tumors.

Paolo Boffetta – Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption for a Good Life

Dr. Paolo Boffetta is a leading molecular epidemiologist from Italy who currently lives in America. He has made significant contributions to understanding the causes of various forms of cancer and other chronic diseases. Throughout his career, he has held important positions in many prominent medical institutions conducting cancer research worldwide. These include the American Cancer Society, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Tisch Cancer Institute, and American Health Foundation.

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Presently, he holds the post of director in the Institute for Translational Epidemiology. He is the author of several important scientific articles, journals and medical books on cancer. He even is on the editorial board of many prominent scientific journals. These include Biomarkers, Disease Markers, Frontiers in Molecular Epidemiology, and Cancer Discovery.

In the opinion of Paolo Boffetta most people have a vague idea of how excessive alcohol consumption can lead to cancer. Most of them still assume it is a harmless social habit. However, many medical case-studies prove that alcohol is one of the primary causes of cancer. He explains how drinking alcohol harms the human body over time and gives rise to cancer in the following ways:

  1. Alcohol irritates the cells of the throat causing them to absorb various cancer-forming substances such as carcinogens easily,
  2. It accelerates the increase of certain hormones like estrogen in the human body which disrupt average cell growth and division,
  3. People who drink too much alcohol gradually become obese over time which increases their chances of suffering from cancer,
  4. Alcohol affects the human body’s natural ability to absorb certain essential vitamins such as folate, and
  5. Alcohol even decreases the human body’s capacity to break down and dispose of various harmful chemicals
  6. Ethanol in alcohol behaves like a solvent to dissolve various cancer-forming substances, which cause extensive damage to human tissues.

According to Paolo Boffetta people should abstain from drinking alcohol to avoid suffering from cancer. The beverage affects the cells of their throat, causing them to absorb various cancer-forming substances easily. Alcohol also disrupts the body’s natural ability to take in essential vitamins like Folate and get rid of harmful substances. Even ethanol, which is present in all forms of alcoholic beverages, causes extensive damages to human tissues. People who have a habit of drinking alcohol eventually become obese over time. This makes them even more vulnerable to cancer in comparison to others who do not drink at all.

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