Surprise your spouse with a honeymoon trip to Udaipur


Studded with the marvel and full of life, Udaipur is one such city which one thinks about spending a loving honeymoon trip. The romantic charm of this city offers the newlywed couples with the latest package for honeymoon trips. With so much love in the air, Udaipur will get you to the tip of the iceberg with a romantic charm. The honeymoon in Udaipur will let you feel perfect with the spouse. To make your honeymoon special book your tickets to Udaipur. Browsing through the travel tips you will get to know how you can make Udaipur honeymoon trip one of the memorable journeys in your life-time.

This article aims at discussing the best packages which make up the travel packages. The most idealisticplacesone can visit during your honeymoon in and around Udaipur. Keep scrolling down this article and read along to find out the extended pleasures to the places. If you are an avid reader of the history and the past, then you and your partner is at the right place. Rana U Singh II arrangedthis foundation Years long back

1.Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola is a magnificent place that offers breathtaking views of the beautiful scenic of the place. The recently married pairwould humbly love to determine the best jiffies of love and then relish the taste of the kingdom of Mewar. Intricate designs with the granite and the marble project a great view of the loving honeymoon at Udaipur. Located amidst the tranquillakes, the city of Udaipur offers a great tourism with exquisite accommodation with options. Showcasing the outstandingconstructionis stirredfrom that the formerBritishepoch.

2. Monsoon Palace

Monsoon Palace is a must-visit for the couples especially for the newly married couples. The palace is named after the famous king of Mewar dynasty incredible with the gorgeous Monsoon palace. This place is also called the Sajjan Garh Palace. It is about enjoyingthe serene location on the hilltops. To enjoy the charm of the environs, the Monsoon palace is a perfect place for couples in order to cherish the countryside views. The sunset paints with the walls with the magical hues of the gold witnessing the sunset from the Palace for every couple on the loving honeymoon tour to the Udaipur kingdom.

3. Fateh Sagar Lake

If you and your partner love to enjoy boating, then you must visit the Fateh Sagar Lake when in Udaipur. There are immeasurableactions in this city but nothing is so surprising that the fun of boating. Udaipur is known as the city of lakes, therefore the couples enjoy a romantic ride in the Fateh Sagar Palace. In addition to this there are many other things to do. The scenic view of Fateh Sagar is so romantic that the most loved activities of the couples are truly justified. The boating at this place is specified for 30 minutes and you can even hire speedboats for Rs 200 per person to enjoy an adrenaline junkie boat ride at the seas.

4. The Gulab Bagh

 You can simply stroll around the place. Gulab Bagh is endorsed with architectural values. The area is spreaded over an area of refreshing greens of 100 acres. Gulab Bagh attends as soothinginvolvement to the twosomesduring Udaipur Nuptial. Dotted with the trees of varied species like the mulberry, mango, boar, guava, lemon bananas and pomegranate the scenic beauty of the place is all the more enlarged. There is a zoo around which is the house to so many animals, birds and other species. There is a classic variety of fauna. Especially the rhinos, zebras, black leopards, ostriches and the hoolock gibbons add value to the place all the more.

5. Jaisamand Lake

Whilst in the heart of Rajasthan, JaisalmandLake is one of the best in the town. The lake is positioned in the core of the town. T is also known as the DhebarLake with almost all the best known places to visit near Udaipur. Admiring the flaura and fauna around the lake with add a loving extension to the loving honeymoon tour to the place. This lake is considered as the second largest lakes in the world. This lake is also featuring one of the epic parts of the second largest artificial lakes in India. The lake tooincorporatesroundthe 3 stunning landmasses in the incidence of the unusual wildlife faunasnearbylakesadjacent to Jaisamand Reservation. Overall,it’s an eccentricinvolvement for the pairswhile visiting Udaipur.

6. Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is a marvelous architecture at the City palace. The light and sound show is quite famous in this place. Mostly newlywed couples come to this place and watch to the cultural show organized with the colourful exhibition of the Manek Chowk. The life inside the palace is often majestic with prolific architectures that charms almost loads of travelers every time but here’s a cherry often on this cake. The city palace at Manek Chawk is beautifully adorned in colourful lights. If you are planning your honeymoon trip to the romantic city then make sure you do not miss the view at the place. This loving honeymoon will create spark in yourlife and you will love to retreat to the same place.

7. Ambrai Ghat

Ambrai Ghat is one of the romantic things you do whilst in Udaipur.  You must not miss out such extreme beauties with your spouse. The cafeterias here are allured with the number of duoswho would love this experience at AmbraiGhat.  The finest part about banqueting here is – culture and also amazing taste. Amazing views might not allow you leave the place without some photogenic clicks which you will be bringing back with you to cherish for the lifetime. So here is the best chance to be in the lap of nature and enjoy some serene moments of romance witnessing the tranquil nature savoring the best dishes offered in the restaurants.beaches in spain

8. Leela Palace

The Leela palace is the epitome of romance and eternal love. This palace pictures and holds some awesome memories of the past. The life, love and extravagance of life is all painted on the walls and the environs of the palace. This Palace is one amongst those Romantic palaces that wraps around all luxury at one place.  The architecture here showcases the rich culture and the Indian heritage in the place. Food at the palace is also quite rich and served in traditional custom, thus you can enjoy a day or two here at the place for your Udaipur honeymoon trip. This Palace is located near Lake Pichola in Udaipur with double sharing of about 25,000 rupees per head.

9. Fateh Prakash Palace

The palace is quite rich in its history but is now transformed into a hotel for tourist attraction as well as resting. The ambience here is offered with the regal ambience and the top class services and a stay at the magnificent palace hotels. The treat and the service that you receive from here is one of the best in the city.  This service will make you retreat t the same place anytime you plan for another trip. Places like the Jagdish Temple and the Lake Pichola is just few minutes’ walk for the palace. Perched high on the hill top this is the best palace you can enjoy staying with your spouse for a day or two. This is just opposite to the Lakes and the wonderful place to stay. 

10. Things you can do at Udaipur

You must have heard about the Shikara Ride,The air is filled with romance, essence of eternal love and magical spell. Thus the place is quite fantastic and treats the taste buds to delicious Indian delicacies. Treat your spouse with a romantic pleasure at this place. The views are mesmerizing and the evening sun creates the magical feel. Being romantic in nature and then into the ambience will simply create a different environ all over. The food here is quite tasty and you can enjoy dining at Rajput style. The people around the place soak in the goodness of the natural surroundings. The treat here at Shikara Ride is arranged mostly by the Oberoi Udaivilas for the newlywed couples who stay at the hotels for a day or two.

11. Best time to visit Udaipur

The tailor-made loving honeymoon trips and packages will further customize with all experience and cherish the time with your loved ones. The peace and quiet of the city of Udaipur will make you retreat to the place. The magical spell will always remain on you. The world class hospitality and irresistibleUdaipur scenic beauties will adorn your honeymoon package with love. The perfect time to visit Udaipur is during seasons- like monsoon and summer. The summer days are too humid and will leave you in sweat. Monsoon is not at all favorable time to visit. Visiting such a place is indeed perfect for duos who often opt for the best possible location.

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