An Expert’s Guide to Buying Bridal Jewelry


No matter how expensive your bridal outfit is, if not paired with the right jewelry or accessories it can ruin your entire look. Therefore, you ought to pay attention to necklaces as well as the latest gold earring designs to save yourself from being caught into nasty surprises. To make your big day look memorable and the best, listed below are some handy tips that you can follow while shopping for bridal jewelry.

An Expert’s Guide to Buying Bridal Jewelry

Run your eyes through these expert tips to get your jewelry shopping done right!!

Research a bit

A bit of research before jewelry shopping can be a savior for you. It will provide you insight on current jewelry trends and will give you an idea about which kind of jewelry will go well with your wedding attire. So, make sure you scroll through the internet to find some inspiration. Gather details on all kinds of necklaces available from traditional to contemporary.

Know your budget and abide by the limits

Don’t simply fall for high-end jewelry. Be wise, decide your budget, and get things done under it. This will save you from unnecessary expenses. Plus, it will provide you the opportunity to splurge handsomely on your wedding attire.

Know the motive of your purchase

This is an important thing to consider. Know the exact reason for your purchase, whether you just want to flaunt luxury or desire to use your jewelry as an investment. If you want to use it as an investment then without a second thought go for pure gold jewelry. If not then you need not be choosy. Pick jewelry that boasts a luxurious appeal and suits your choice.

Make purchase only through a trusted jeweler

Always buy jewelry from a trusted jeweler. An authentic seller will provide you the best quality with the latest designs. Moreover, whenever you make a purchase look for a BIS hallmark on jewelry. This mark indicates the purity and quality of gold. Also, do not forget to take a bill as you may need it anytime for exchange or return.

Go for classics

Pick jewelry that you can wear later as well. Since jewelry is an expensive investment you are likely to wear it for years to come. Thus, your choice should be such that the jewelry you pick is evergreen. To ensure this stick to classic designs like gold earrings set, Kundan set, or stranded maatha Patti.

Opt for two or more smaller necklaces over a heavier one

Rather than decking up yourself with a single bulky necklace buy two or smaller pieces. Wearing different length necklaces together will provide you a clean and sober look against your heavy outfit. It won’t make you look weighed down. More interestingly, you will be able to wear to those necklaces individually later with different outfits.

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Finally, yet importantly, consider your face shape and skin tone when shopping for jewelry. No one size fits all with jewelry. So, its better you pay heed to your face shape and skin tone along with your dress neckline when purchasing bridal jewelry.

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