The Power Of The Eyebrows: This Is How Your Face Changes


Making a good eyebrow design hides a real science. Eyebrows can completely change our expression. The eyebrow has vital importance on the face, and when it comes to eyebrows, we should not allow ourselves to be influenced by trends. There is a tendency for young women to have very crowded eyebrows, but that’s free will.

It’s not the same for everyone because everything depends on your face, eyes, nose, and even eyebrows. Very few people usually have symmetrical eyebrows, and both sides of their face, something we do not usually think about when making eyebrows.

Our face is asymmetrical. You will never be able to do the same waxing of both eyebrows as they would be completely wrong. Eyebrows are sisters, but they are not twins. There is a mistake for not having a culture of eyebrows and is to compare one with the other. You have to work and achieve maximum symmetry because we always have one eye smaller than the other and the space between eyelids is also different from each other in one; there is more than in the other. Experts point out that the hair does not grow in the same way; it always changes the left eyebrow from the right. The growth of the left is usually behind the right.

To design, you should look at the face’s shape because, if one eye is lower, you will have to work from there to harmonize it with the other eyebrow. There are people to whom you have to leave one eyebrow thinner than the other, but harmoniously does not look. The design in the architecture of the look consists of this. Eyebrows have to be done every three weeks or so because they start to deform.

In addition to going through the waxing of eyebrows, the passage of time, stress, or dermatitis, among other causes, can give us some other disgust making our eyebrows barely have hair and “disappear.”

What is the secret responsible for such expressive and eye-catching eyebrows? In very few cases, good genes are the reason. However, in most cases, an effective eyebrow growth serum can be of great help. Eyebrow growth serum contributes to repairing the natural hair barrier while providing flexibility, elasticity, and shine to eyebrows and eyelashes. Stimulates the follicles of eyelashes and eyebrows, strengthening and lengthening them. Usually, the eyebrows grow for about 4-6 weeks and then fall naturally after the rest phase, which lasts only a few months, is completed.

The eyebrow growth serum comes into action: it ensures that the growth phase of the eyebrows’ hairs is significantly prolonged, while simultaneously activating new hairs.

As a result, the number of hairs on the eyebrows can multiply rapidly, and the length of these hairs can increase thanks to the extended phase of growth.

A good eyebrow growth serum not only does it produce excellent results after the application phase, but it is also noticed quickly. The eyebrows are visibly thicker, have a more intense color, are healthier, and are easier to mold at will. More hairs equal more creativity when styling the eyebrows.

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