Things to Know before Choosing University in Canada


A large number of students today choose Canada for their further studies. Canada has more than 500,000 international students. Do you also fall under the group of students who are planning to study in Canada? The country has many internationally popular universities offering high-quality education that are capable enough to compete with universities in the US and UK. What’s more interesting is Canada provides many scholarships to international students and the education fees are also relatively cheaper in comparison to other universities in Australia, America, UK and many more. We present to you some of the things you should know before choosing any educational institutions in Canada.

Is Canada Safe?

The most googled question by international students before planning to apply for Canadian universities is ‘Is Canada safe for international students?’ Well, we know traveling to a foreign country for a study that has a different environment from the surroundings that you were used to gives you quite a nervous feeling initially. But, slowly after you get used to Canadian culture, language and people, it won’t be as hard as you are thinking right now. And to answer this question of Is Canda safe for international students, it would be the one-word answer ’Yes’. Canada is the safest place in the world. The security factors such as racial discrimination, sexual harassments and so on are not major issues in Canada. Instead, the cosmopolitan environment of Canada introduces you to different cultures around the world.

Weather and Climate in Canada

The weather and climate in Canada vary depending on the place and at the time of the year. For instance, Atlantic, the far East coast of Canada, has incredible ocean breezes but at the same time, the place also faces brutal winter. In Vancouver, you experience a maritime climate. During the summer seasons, the place is very hot. Starting from November to April, winter months have rainfall in Vancouver. You don’t see snow in the winter seasons there. In contrast to that, the rocky mountains have a fair amount of natural snow like a winter blanket.

Which university and courses are you planning to study in Canada?

Many international students look at the rank of the university before applying one. But, all the best-ranked universities in Canada might not be an ideal place to study depending on your choices. At the same time, what students also must look after is the types of opportunities the location near your university in Canada offers.

Firstly,If you choose the universities that are close to cities of Canada, it would ensure good job opportunities after completion of your degree in Canada. Also, have research on what type of business or activities are popular in that particular city near you and whether the involvement in those activities pave the path to your dream job or not. Though the top companies in Canada hire highly skilled people, they also want interns on their company from the local colleges.

Secondly, invest your time in finding out whether the campus offers accommodation or not. If not, search for proper transportation links to reach your university. You can meet the International Student Program Director during social events organized by the university. It would be easy for you to get information about the orientation of university, city, housing and many more. Thirdly, if you are planning to return back to your country after completing your course, analyze the value of your degree in your home country. The best place we can recommend for searching the information is on the particular university’s website. It contains detailed information on student life, entry requirements, admission process, accommodation facilities and many more.

Scholarships and Fundings

Canada offers many scholarships such as Canadian Government-funded scholarships, University Merit scholarships, Country-based scholarships, Need-based scholarships, University-specific Scholarships, Third-party scholarships and many more.

Many scholarships differ according to Canadian universities. Public universities in Canada provide several government-funded scholarships whereas most of the private universities in Canada offer a certain amount of discounts or reduction in tuition fees. As Canada focuses on research and development, you can get funded to experience real-life projects and experiments. Obtaining Canadian Scholarships are quite competitive. So, prepare hard to ensure you meet the criteria of the scholarship you are applying for.

Canadian Student Visa Requirements

After you have been accepted for a course in a Canadian university, the Canadian Student Visa process starts. The Canadian Visa procedure is easy in comparison to other countries. It takes around 3-5 weeks to complete. You will go through the application process, VISA processing, documentation and cost estimation. However, the fees vary according to your country. You can visit your nearby Visa office for the documents and particular instructions. The visa success rate for Canada can be increased by following the guidelines of the Visa application process and high scores in the English Proficiency test.

Canadian Slang

It is not a compulsion to read and know every Canadian Slang but using Canadian slang might help you in establishing good communication with Canadian people. There are many sayings and phrases in Canada that are interesting to know and use them in conversations. The most common Canadian slang is “eh”. You can find this almost everywhere in Canada. It is used to indicate the end of the sentence, agreement, and something to emphasize. Some of the popular Canadian slangs:

  • Timmies: much-loved coffee at Tim Horton’s.
  • Double Double: Order Coffee with two cubes of sugar and two cream
  • Pop: word for soft drinks or soda
  • Skookum: impressive or stunning
  • Hang a Roger: take a right turn
  • Toque: Winter hat

If you are thinking of abroad studies, Canada can be your best selection at the moment. It is a beautiful country and a safe place to live in. The country that offers affordable quality education and research funding is definitely going to enhance your personal growth and also lead you to your dream goal. But again, have a clear mind map of your journey before applying one. For more guidance on studying in Canada, CIC Education Hub is a well-reputed educational consultancy that you can consider for counselling.

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