What Is Non-Woven Bags and Why Should You Choose Them?


It is quite a common trend you’ll notice these days, wherein most of the companies give away some promotional gifts like keychains, jotters, caps, bags etc., at various events. If you are new in business or want to market your brand, then you too could choose to opt for promotional product advertising.

Nowadays, more and more companies are becoming eco friendly, and they opt for their promotional products with utmost care. Non-woven bags are one of the most chosen items among the rest, as they are green products.

These non-woven bags are strong, washable, biodegradable, attractive, cheaper and environment friendly. Thus, they are the best alternate to plastic bags. Attractive non woven bags with logo printed on it works as a best advertisement on its own when people carry it.

Tips for Selecting Non Woven Bag

Fix your budget

When you decide to give away some promotional gifts, the first step would be to fix the budget. Investing on wholesale non-woven bags is really worth it, since they work as best marketing strategy. Contact some suppliers who provide such bags and compare the quotations to negotiate.

Choose the size and layout

Once you fix your budget, the next step would be to decide the size of a bag. The size, be it small, medium or large and with gusset or without it, totally depends on the nature of your company. Rather than selecting a small sized bag, medium or large sized ones will be suitable for any purpose, as there will be enough space for printing your own logo with contact details and location.

Decide the quantity

After finalizing the size, you need to decide about the number of bags you need to order. It would be better, if you order in bulk, since many sellers provide some discounts for huge orders. You can also save on packaging and transportation charges when you place bulk orders.

Choose the supplier

Last, but the most important one, is to decide on the supplier from whom you should be buying. There are many suppliers who can provide attractive non-woven bags, but how to decide on which is the best in the market? Don’t worry! Custom Earth Promos is there for you!

Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company. They provide a vide range of services and products like creating customized seed paper business cards, plantable event invitations, reusable stainless-steel bottles and BPA free plastic bottles, USB drives, jotters, lanyards, pens etc.,

Reputed suppliers and manufacturers of eco friendly promotional items ensure that none of their customers are dissatisfied with their products and services. Thus, they offer customer support to address any query which their existing or potential consumers may have. They also offer attractive services to ensure that they attract more customers and maintain healthy relationship.


To wrap it up, it is suggested that you do your research well, before choosing any company offering non woven bags. Choose eco-friendly non woven bags for any occasion as the best alternate to plastic bags. Go Green and save earth!

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