Advanced techniques in water restoration


Water can create disastrous to any place in any size. Water may come from flood, snow melt, leaked or broken pipe, sewage backup or malfunction of plumbing or appliances. It becomes your priority to quickly remove water from the premises to secure your property and contents from permanent damage. In past due to limited technology, the water could not be remove properly and most of the damaged furniture, carpets and structural fixtures had to be removed and thrown away, costing you high expenses in reconstruction and rebuilding of your damaged area.

Advanced techniques in water restoration

Thankfully now many restoration companies are using new technologies and tools for complete elimination of moisture from homes and things. You can search restoration company near me and decide which to hire in hour of need. Make sure this company uses latest technologies and equipment to speed up the repair and restoration process.

We all know that water removal and cleanup process is based on various steps and many techniques are applied in these steps. Complete and faster drying out is utmost requirement after removal of water from your property and many techniques.


For faster drying, dehumidification is of two types, desiccant humidifier and refrigerant humidifier, used in different situations.


Desiccant contains silica gel that absorbs moisture from air. It generates extremely dry air which is lighter and quieter in using compressor and most favorable for climate control.

LGR humidifier

This is quite improved technology to reduce moisture from atmosphere, decreasing the drying time and mold prevention.

Intra-wall drying

This latest technology helps drying moisture inside the walls without removing drywall. Small holes are drilled without removing drywall and hot air is forced into cavities to dry walls, thus reducing the drying time.


Extraction of water through powerful water extraction is more effective than simple wet vacuums. The techs use highly professional equipments and procedures to extract moisture from under lying pads of carpets. This means less expense because you do not have to dispose off your carpets and pads.

Benefits of using advanced technologies:

Preventing Mold

Faster drying prevents mold growth and various health risks including skin allergies, respiratory infections and skin issues associated with it. Mold damages porous materials like drywall and wood. With low humidity, mold is not able to flourish and may die.

Low expenses

Wet carpets, upholstery, underlie and other building materials can be restored completely and do not need replacement. Advanced technologies reduced moisture and dry the structure and household items in shorter time, hence saving your time, money and energy. Quick restoration allows the property owners return back to their homes and businessmen to their work with less disruption.

Quick restoration

As soon as the restoration techs start the procedure of eliminating moisture, the process of damage slows down. Porous material like drywall, wood, carpets, furnishing, fabric of furniture and other things restored without swelling and dried quickly, metal like door knobs, hinges, fixtures and electrical appliances prevent from corrosion and rust.

New innovations and training in water restoration is the need of today to save money, time and more benefits.

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