What Is the Famous American Airlines Name Correction Policy?


When you have booked a flight ticket with American Airlines and later realize that your name is incorrect or you need to add or remove your surname, then you need to look forward to the American Airlines name change policy. It’s a superb facility for flight passengers to make name corrections or changes on the ticket.

American Airlines Name Change Policy- The Basics

The second most famous airline that has a name change policy in place is American Airlines. It allows you to make American airlines name change on ticket to make it same as the name on the TSA government documents.  If you have miss-spellings, inverted names, legal names, middle/last name, or name change post adoption, marriage, and divorce, this policy is truly instrumental to you. You can make ticket name changes rather than canceling and rebooking it. Your money is saved!

You can do minor name modifications through airlines website or call their customer service center for easy process of name changes.

How much does it cost for making American Airlines Name Change on Ticket?

According to the rules of the American Airlines Name Change policy, you will be charged an additional amount of fee to confirm the required name edits. However, these edits vary on different aspects or factors. These are:

  • Type of Name Modification
  • Time of Modification
  • Destination
  • Fare Type
  • Service Class, and more

Additionally, the basic modifications are easy and free to do. You can correct up to 3 characters in name without any extra cost. However, if you need more than 3 characters to be changed in your name on the AA ticket, you may be charged somewhere between $25 -$200. Call the customer care center for the exact fee.

Ways to Make AA Ticket Name Changes

Eager to know how you can make AA ticket name changes? Well, you can do it online or offline as per your convenience.

Offline method works for both major and minor changes. It involves calling up the customer care center, submission of your booking number & other credentials for easy access to your booking details, and submission of your legal documents for the name confirmation.

On the other hand, online changes can be done through the official AA website. Visit the “My Trips” section, fill in the required credentials, access your flight details by clicking on “Find Reservations” button and then choose the flight that needs name modification. Pay the needed amount of fee online and you’re changes will quickly confirmed. However, the online method will work for just minor changes up to 3 characters.

It does not matter whether you have done reservation yourself or by a travel agent, American airlines name correction policy is a time-consuming process for name change validation. Therefore, it is always best to properly review the details at the time of booking to avoid future inconvenience.

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