Why Face-to-Face Connection Matters in Business: John Branca Attorney

John Branca Attorney

In the modern world of technology and social media, genuine human connection is often overlooked or diminished. The truth is, chemical reactions occur when we connect in person that no amount of online interaction can replace. Successful professionals like John Branca attorney know this, as is demonstrated in the clip below. Here are some key examples of why face-to-face connection is essential when creating lasting business relationships.

It Keeps Loneliness at Bay

Even if you are an introvert, social connection is essential to your health and happiness. More and more studies show that loneliness puts people at risk for all types of diseases, including Alzheimer’s and depression. Finding meaning in life is essential for happiness, and social connection is a massive part of this. So, in addition to connection being necessary for good business, it’s a generally excellent health practice as well.

It Creates a Quality Network

Networking is essential in most career paths, but the quality of your business relationships is often more important than the quantity. Connecting with people in person allows you to create a deeper, more personal bond and creates the potential for lifelong connections. A great conversation over dinner can be worth a thousand “friends” on your social media pages. These types of relationships can help you learn, discover your next steps, and create a support system for when you may need one.

It Helps Build Client Trust

Client trust is important when navigating difficult circumstances, and building strong bonds in person helps tremendously. Client trust means you will be hired again, recommended to others, and the process of working together will be infinitely more pleasant. The improved reputation you receive as a result of connecting with clients on a personal level while remaining professional will continue to benefit you in the future. John Branca attorney at law knows just how important this is when connecting with his entertainment clients like Dwight Yoakam and Michael Jackson. Watch the clip below to see John speaking to Harvard students about his unique bonding experiences with the artists he has represented.

John Branca – Harvard Interview – “”Creating a Connection”” from John Branca on Vimeo.

Social media and advertising strategies are important, but connecting on a human level is even better. The phrase “quality over quantity” perfectly applies to the concept of face-to-face connection in business. By bringing your work down to earth, you can be sure you will build a company or practice that benefits and fulfills you and your clients on a deeper level.

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