Why You Should Opt for a No-Contract Internet Provider?


ISPs that require contract-based commitment eventually morph into a hassle. What if you have plans to move out and the only thing holding you back is your internet subscription? Contract-based ISPs have several hidden conditions that apply when you decide to step out of their contract before it’s due.

If you’re sure that you’d be staying in the same neighborhood for many coming years and you’re fully satisfied with your ISP, then contracts may work. However, it’s always better to go for a service that you can easily call off if not satisfied, rather than being stuck with it for God knows how long.

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What Makes Contract-Free ISPs Worth it?

First of all, let’s talk about the flexibility contract-free ISPs offer. You can easily downgrade your plan if your needs are limited or you can upgrade it if it starts becoming insufficient for your family. The fact that there won’t be any contract holding you back you will always get the room to figure out which plan is the right fit for your needs.

ISPs usually demand Early Termination Fee when you decide to break the contract prematurely. This fee is sometimes $150 and goes up to a whopping $300, depending on your ISP. Moreover, what makes ETF a pain is the surcharge that contract-breakers pay for the remaining number of months left in their tenure. No-contract ISPs earn a well-deserved point over here. With no ETF and hidden surcharges lurking in the corner, you can always switch to another provider whenever you want.

No one likes staying bound to limited internet features for a year or more. Contract-based ISPs allow their subscribers to access a few features only. With new features and upgraded download speeds making their way out now and then, you surely don’t want to miss that. A Contract-free internet connection allows you a chance to enjoy as many features as you like. If things begin to get a bit overwhelming, you can always quit the subscription or reduce the number of perks – no big deal.

Top No-Contract ISPs You Should Consider

AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet offers two types of internet connections. You can settle for an IPBB or go straight for a Fiber connection if your neighborhood has availability. AT&T Internet offers bundles too, but if you’re certain you’d be relocating soon in the future, then you can also go for contract-free internet plans.

Download speeds offered: From 75 Mbps up to 940 Mbps

Data Cap: Unlimited for Fiber internet & 1 TB for IPBB

Optimum by Altice

Optimum offers a cable broadband connection, best for neighborhoods where fiber internet has still not reached. Once again, Optimum has contract-based bundles for subscribers who are sure they’ve found the right ISP. However, with those who are indecisive yet, contract-free options are always available.

Download speeds offered: From 300 Mbps up to 1 GIG

No data caps


Spectrum wins at availability. You can find it almost in every neighborhood in the U.S. If you’re okay with contract-based options, then we’d recommend Spectrum Gold package. Spectrum also offers contract-free standalone internet plans to subscribers who are not looking for all three services. Spectrum delivers internet via cable, which is why it’s readily available everywhere.

Download speeds offered: From 100 Mbps

No data caps


If you’re seeking an internet connection with a wide range of download speeds, then Xfinity is another contender on our list. Xfinity delivers internet via Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial. Contract-based bundles come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. But, contract-free internet is where the money is. If you’re certain you’ve found the right internet plan, you can always switch to a contract-based commitment.

Download speeds offered: From 15 Mbps up to 2000 Mbps

Data Caps: 1 TB

All Things Summed

Now, you can plan to relocate without worrying about paying hefty cancellation fee to your ISP. With no-contract internet plans, you can always switch to a better ISP without facing consequences. What truly can be better than that?

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