6 Tools to Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts


Email marketing has, in recent years, emerged as one of the most effective and result-oriented strategies for the digital marketers to lure their target group.Using emails is at the heart of many digital marketing campaigns. Most of the people using internet as their medium of propagation use email marketing to target their qualified leads. But many a times, the result of email marketing is not as per expectations. This disappointment mainly results because of two apparent reasons:

  • Lack of focus on the right target group.
  • Ineffective and inappropriate use of email marketing tools.

Well, the first reason depends and varies from business to business, however, the second reason could be amended in order to use the email marketing effectively. In such cases, student makes study groups to take Assignment Help from fellow classmates. The world of internet is far and wide, and many a times people often fail to explore and comprehend it well. Thus, we bring to you some important email marketing tools which can certainly boost up your email campaigns and give your business the required uplift. Let us explore.

1. Mailchimp:

When it comes to digital marketing, Mailchimp certainly stands out. It has a simple user interface but brilliant features and aesthetics. In order to create strong and effective email campaigns, many digital marketers rely on this brilliant tool. The best feature about Mailchimp is that is lets one to a very efficient tracking mechanism. It helps you know accurately which one of your targets have actually read the mail, and how many emails have landed as cold emails. Also, Mailchimp offers many tremendous features and options even in the unpaid version of its services. In addition to this, it provides one with the brilliant option of integrating various social media accounts as one and then it helps you target your customers across spectrum. Hence, if you are looking for an effective email marketing tool, Mailchimp could be your saviour.

Pricing Details:

  • For unlimited access, the paid services begin from $10.
  • It offers its free services up to 12000 emails.

2. Drip: 

Drip is perfect if you want to customize your email marketing campaigns. It offers distinct attractive features and tools, for instance, it enables you to connect with your target group personally through customized messaging. Also, Drip provides you with distinguished email features such as emails accustomed through texts and information, and emails which appeal to the target through visuals. Hence, Drip offers one with a vivid spectrum of features and options to design their email marketing strategies effectively.

Pricing Details:

  • Drip offers one a completely free package to kick start your campaign for up to 100 subscribers.
  • The paid services start from $41 for 2500 subscribers and so on.

3. Mad Mini: 

If you are specifically looking to boost your email campaigns and trails, then Mad Mini will be a perfect fit for you. It is designed in a manner so as to enable one to create effective and powerful email strategies and campaigns. Mad Mini allows the users to develop specific and fresh campaigns for their business and they offer a clone tool to help you use that campaign as a template for other campaigns as well, in order to help you save time and money in copying the whole thing. Also, Mad Mini provides a crucial feature to track your targets accurately. It helps to know, how many people have opened your email and how many have actually performed the required action. In addition, it helps you track your growth and performance through Google Analytics.

Pricing Details:

  • Mad Mini offers its basic services from $10 a month.

4. Litmus: 

Litmus is one of the most preferred email marketing tools. It is highly flexible and offers great features. The best trait offered by Litmus is that it let one try and test their email campaigns across various devices. Litmus offers you features to develop an email marketing campaign for different devices together, and also lets you test on conventional web clients before actually making the campaign live. The campaigns launched using Litmus help one track their potential clients in more concrete manner.


Pricing Details:

  • Litmus can be availed for $399 a month.

5. ConvertKit: 

ConvertKitis specifically more apt for small businesses who are just testing their waters. It actually offers you features which help you connect with your clients in a more appealing and intimate way. It helps you develop personal and compelling email marketing strategies which correctly target the specific group. It is only ideal to include information that supports your main claim. You can use the Plagiarism Checker tool for checking plagiarism.

Pricing Details:

  • It offers its free services up to 500 subscribers.
  • Paid services start from $29 for a month.

6. MailerLite:

MailerLiteoffers brilliant email marketing features if you want to design customized email campaigns. It also helps one in accessing relevant data which helps businesses to optimize their performance and growth. Also, MailerLite also enables you to perform surveys and bring automation to your email marketing campaigns. It is a complete package if you want to have a powerful tool within pocket friendly prices.

Pricing Details:

  • It provides you free access up to 1000 subscribers.
  • The paid services start from $10 for a month.

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