How employee self- service features in Payroll Software help?


Employees are the most important asset of every organisation. No matter how great technology you invest in, if your employees are not happy and cared about, getting the ROI from that technology would also become difficult. Maybe, this is the reason why companies actively think and work upon revamping their engagement strategies across the globe. But, still, sometimes it ends up being a hit and sometimes a miss. What works and what doesn’t when it comes to keeping employees engaged, depends largely on the industry you are in, the generation of employees you have and their nature of work.

Payroll Software

However, if you are looking for a smarter and sure-shot way to engage employees and keep them happy then undoubtedly HR and payroll software are the best. Not only are HR operations are the major area a focus for every company but they are also time-consuming and still erroneous without the support of technology. For instance, take the example of payroll. When software is not used penalties are hard to escape.

Nonetheless, when ESS support is also there, the benefits of using payroll software in India multiply. So, let’s look at a few of the many advantages in this blog!

See payroll related information

It is easier for employees to check the payroll related information pertaining to their account. The paydays, leaves, deductions, holidays, gross salary, basically the entire CTC breakup and the days for which you will be paid in the given month and a lot more can be seen in the reliable payroll software in India that comes with ESS feature. So that whenever the employees find something wrong, they can immediately raise a ticket to bring it to the HR attention and get it corrected before the data of payroll processing.

Change/ Update your personal data

There are a lot of things that might be updated wrongly by the HR or by the employee himself. In that case, before the salary is processed the employees can quickly check their personal details and change them in case they have changed the salary account. Their PAN card was not updated or was incorrect. So, whether it is a small change or big change employees can check and update/ add on their own.

Reduce the burden of payroll manager

Payroll Manager gets a lot of relief because of the ESS feature and that’ a reason quite obvious but still worth mentioning. The time, energy, are saved to a great extent as there are no disturbances. Employees can check their data due to increase transparency in the payroll management software in India and then get the corrections done right from the comfort of their desks by raising a ticket.

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This allows the Payroll manager as well to look at the requests and solve them on the basis of the priority set while he can continue to do his other tasks uninterruptedly.

Get anywhere, anytime access

Another great feature that is necessary to bring to your notice is this. Because most of the technology is on-cloud, anyone who has their login details can access the payroll and HR software from anywhere, anytime. Raising request, filling, forms, investment declarations and a lot of other things can be managed with it. This means that employees if the software offers an app too, can download it and access it with greater ease.

Empower your employees

Employee self-service feature not only gives employees access and rights but also makes them feel empowered and trusted. This makes the employees happy and satiated. When they can know anytime data related to their attendance and salary they in return become more loyal and think of company welfare more.

Be adherent to policy

The payroll solutions that are on cloud have a feature of auto-update and the same helps a lot in making everyone on the company compliant and adherent to the government norms, and employment and labor laws.

Downloading the payslip

We saved the best for the last! The best feature is that every employee can download their payslip from the software. This reduces the burden from the shoulders of the company and relieves employees greatly.

So, are you giving the extraordinary experience with payroll ESS feature or you are still in dilemma?

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