Anouk Govil – Stay Active with Fun Outdoor Activities like Kayaking


Most people lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is not healthy and brings in disease quickly. If you want a fit and happy life, you need to stay active. If you are too lazy to exercise or find the gym boring, you can enjoy staying active with some fantastic outdoor activities like surfing, kayaking and more.

Anouk Govil is a senior college student of Economics from New York in the USA. She loves outdoor activities like kayaking, surfing,and outdoor water sports. She has been camping as a child with her parents and still remembers her trips a lot. She grew up in Colorado and was always surrounded by scenic beauty. Therefore, she is so fond of outdoor activities and suggests everyone should stay active for a fit and happy life. She says that there is hardly a person from Colorado who says he or she is not fond of outdoor activity.

She remembers her first canoe paddling experience with her dad when she was a young child. When she was 8 years old, she did her first ride on a Kayak and has never looked back.

Tips for beginners

Kayaking is an excellent form of exercise and keeps your upper and lower bodies fit. She says there are different kayaks for different waters, so all of them are not the same. The ones made for white waters are sturdier, and they are short in size as they need to be paddled between many obstacles like rocks. Most of them are built from high-impact fiberglass so that you stay protected. The ones made for the sea have a longer body. This makes it simple for them to glide through the waters quickly.

Dress as if you will be thrown off-board

Wetsuit must be worn. You should anticipate the worst where you might be caught in the middle of a rainstorm, or the whole kayak capsizes, and you are thrown out in the water. Summer clothes will work when you sit in the dock. They will not help you much in case you get wet. Two of the most common fatalities you might suffer from while paddling in the water are hypothermia and cold shock. Make sure you wear a Type III life jacket. This jacket will ensure you are afloat in case you get separated from the kayak.

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According to Anouk Govil, when you want to start kayaking, you must invest in a good quality paddle. It should be lightweight but sturdy. She says when you lift the same paddle in the water, it becomes about 1000 times heavier in size. She suggests beginners first buy the paddle over the kayak so that it can be tested with them. She adds many seasoned professionals spend more money on their paddles over their kayaks- she recommends you do the same. Make sure you take an experienced professional with you before purchase as the paddle depends upon your height, strength, and weight.

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