Download Homescapes APK For Android


This great free-to-play APK Android video game was first released in September 2017. Homescapes is of the same-genre as Gardenscapes just with a slight twist. Still, both games share a very similar idea, combining classical match-3 techniques with a well-told story.

Download Homescapes APK For Android

You can play Homescapes endlessly as it consists of thousands of levels. The latest game updates on August 11, 2019, there were 2850 levels to be precise. The developed of the game used to come up with brand new 25 levels on a weekly basis. Yet, over the last couple of months, the number of weekly added new levels has become 35 levels, so you could do the maths.

How To Earn Coins In Homescapes

You’ll have to finish match-3 levels as quick as possible: The main and consistent method to get coins is easily by playing and thriving through the match-3 game levels. For each level, you’ll earn 50 coins upon completion.

Homescapes Game Features:

  • Unparalleled play: Helping Austin restore the residence by swapping and coordinating the pieces!
    ● Interior Decor: You get to choose how the mansion is going to look like.
    ● Tricky Match 3 levels: Lots of entertainment, highlighting a mix of different vivid boosters.
    ● Huge, elegant house: find out all the mysteries it keeps.
    ● It’s a social networking game: see the unique character living nice stories and events of their lives. Where you can also invite any of your Facebook friends to help you design your personal warm house.

Give the aged estate a total makeover! Demonstrate your artistic talents by equipping and furnishing every corner around the house. Tons of design selections will provide you thousands of options to search for your own preferred designs.

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