How to do Airtel online mobile recharge from anywhere?


airtel online mobile recharge

Doing an online mobile recharge has become pretty easy these days. Before 4G came out, not a lot of users were doing online recharge of mobile services, though there were options for that. You can do an online mobile recharge from your laptop or the apps on your smartphone. Even the websites for net banking of your banks will allow you to recharge your Airtel mobile number. But what if you want to do a prepaid recharge from anywhere anytime, the best bet is to use your smartphone. Chances are you would carry that with you throughout the day.

You can recharge through the online portals of your banks

If you are recharging through net banking, having a personal computer will certainly help. But most banks have their own dedicated apps these days where you can perform an online recharge. You will find some offers if the banks have partnered with the service providers, in which case you might get some discounts. But if you have got some reward points on your credit or debit card, this is the best time to use these apps. The reward points in your cards are very similar to account balance. You can shop and do Airtel prepaid recharge at reduced costs or for free.Read more on Digital signature Online.

You can use apps from third-party mobile apps

Many start-ups can be seen in India today which are offering mobile wallets. These apps allow you to keep some money from your bank account, which can be later used for online recharge or payments to vendors. Doing an online mobile recharge through these platforms is very easy. You can recharge within a few seconds and even get good offers and cashback in return. These third-party apps are very useful. Not only can you recharge your Airtel prepaid number but your Airtel DTH as well. You can pay for your data card, Airtel broadband services, among other things.

There are UPI apps available these days

With the creation of the Unified Payments Interface, you can recharge through apps that do not require you to create wallets and offer personal information. With the help of these apps, you can pay for your Airtel recharge directly from your bank account. You need to create a virtual payment address, which you need not remember until you are accepting payments. Most of these apps use your mobile number to recognise your VPAs. This is another way how you can recharge your Airtel number from any place, anytime.

The Airtel Thanks app

Even with all these options available for you, the best you can choose is the Airtel Thanks app. Here, you can make payments from the Airtel Money wallet, which offers very good cashback and added benefits to customers for using the platform. The app is very simplistic and you can unravel the interface in just a few minutes. Also, the app offers amazing entertainment for Airtel customers.

So the next time you are recharging your Airtel prepaid number, you should try these options.

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