How to Succeed in Volatile Times


People are undoubtedly concerned about the uncertain economic times that we find ourselves in. In particular, your own job security, continued business success, and the value of your investment and retirement portfolios. Everyone and everyone seems to be in danger. In fact, this is a time of uncertainty and many people are very concerned about this economic shock. Many people feel powerless and unable to cope. However, there are ways to be successful in this uncertainty. Here are some simple ideas I’d like to offer you for your consideration that can help you navigate the stormy seas our world is in right now.

Take the media quickly.

Don’t listen to the radio, watch the television news, or read the newspapers. This may seem a bit simplified, but the truth is that the media reinforces the inherent fear that people experience in this situation. Much of what happens in the media is hype and hype. The media business is all about creating an exaggerated and sensational point of view. I am not suggesting that the media is inaccurate in reporting the facts.

Think of others, not yourself.

Uncertainty and fear lead people to have an isolated point of view. A more rewarding approach is to focus on areas of your life where you can be of use to others. Find ways to help instill confidence and light in people’s lives. This translates your energy into a more beneficial vibration and puts you in the place of wisdom and service. Others will feel your confidence, resilience, and contribution, and this will distract from your anxiety. In turn, you become a source of inspiration to others and the value you bring to them increases.

Focus on current opportunities and forget about the future.

There’s no future. Everything that happens is happening now. In any situation, there is always room for a better idea. Think about how, in your current circumstances, you can create new opportunities to do things differently. You can find many things to improve in your current situation that will perfectly prepare you for the time when things change, and inevitably they will. You can spend this time learning new skills, developing greater financial discipline, aligning your life priorities in a direction that works for you.

Focus on building more rewarding relationships.

According to, it is natural to worry about the importance of our jobs, products, and businesses. We can be very concerned about how vulnerable and replaceable we are. In turbulent times, it is more beneficial to strengthen relationships with people: your employer, your client, your family, your community.

Focus on what is available to you now, not what is missing.

Uncertainty allows you to focus your attention on shortcomings and limitations. When something around us changes unfavorably, we tend to focus on what is no longer available to us. A more useful strategy is to focus on the resources available now. What skills, talents, and inspirational ideas can you use right now? Ingenuity is a great discipline in times of uncertainty, and the results are more compelling when things turn positive again.

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