Joe Cianciotto States the Reason as Why People Advertises


Advertising is a type of communication. Its purpose is to persuade or attract an audience to take action or purchase ideals, products, and services. This audience is composed of viewers, readers, and listeners. All of them are part of the marketing communication. In promoting you are showcasing your product or your business to your audience in a manner that they will know what is being marketed. It is a popular tool used by diverse agencies and companies in promoting their businesses. Whatever is the kind and type of the company, advertising is certainly required.

According to Joe Cianciotto, there are various types of advertisement and they are utilized every day. The subsequent types are broadcast advertising, print advertising, outdoor advertising, surrogate advertising, covert advertising, public service advertising, and celebrity advertising.

To show the discrepancy on the types of advertising, Joe Cianciotto states their usage and their functions.

  1. Print advertising consist of printed materials like magazines, brochures, newspapers and fliers. They all have a shared goal that is to let the readers know about their services or products.
  2. Broadcast advertising is broadcasted advertisements through various types of broadcasting media’s like radio, television, and internet.
  3. Outdoor advertising is generally seen on kiosks, billboards, trade shows and events.
  4. Covert advertising is generally incorporated in programs, movies, and TV shows without them being cited but largely showcasing the product.
  5. Surrogate advertising is generally used to showcase a distinct product which is associated to a banned product.
  6. Celebrity advertising include commercials that use personality as the supporter of a certain product.

Advertisement plays a foremost role in a business. This is the energizer or the booster of all products and companies. Reasons for advertising differ but most of them are ordinary in one thing and that is to let the individuals know about them. So, what are the diverse reasons why individuals and companies do advertisements? Here are some of the rationales.

  1. To introduce- Many new websites, products, and companies are now promptly popping up into the market and so as to stand out from their niches they do promoting.
  2. To sell- This is the most popular reason in all products and companies, to sell. Products andcompanies are being advertised to the public using the most common marketing type, the print and broadcasting. Letting the public about their products or services.
  3. To help- This type of rationale is more of a public service.
  4. To give information- Information like a certain component of fruits or vegetables is one good way to fight a certain ailment.
  5. To warn-Establishments and police departments in New York advertise faces of individuals who broken the law or perpetrated illegal acts to the public.

As Joe Cianciotto says, advertising is a promotion tactic involving paying for space to promote a service, product or cause. The actual promotional messages are known as advertisements or ads in short. The aim of advertising is to reach individuals most likely to be willing to pay for a company’s services or products and persuade them to purchase.

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