5 Things to look for in a House Painting Services Team in Pune for an Incredible Paint Job


Are you looking to paint your home in Pune but not sure how to zero in on the right team of professionals? Make sure to look for these five factors to help you land a trusted painting contractor who will complete the job perfectly within budget and on-time. 

As the monsoon season finally draws to a close, its full-on home renovation mode in Pune. Most homeowners in the city put off any extensive reworks in and around the home during the monsoon. As the skies clear up and the winter sun shines, it’s time to get started with repainting your walls to get it ready for the New Year.

It’s time to answer the pressing question running on your minds: how do I find the right team of painting contractors in my city who will do an incredible job at the most affordable price? Search more homes in Online News Today.

Let’s look at the list of five things to look while searching for professional painters in Pune.

1  Design Advice

When it comes to house painting, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Finding the right colour and finish style adds to the overall look of your home. The wrong colour can make your space look cramped and dark, haunting you for years to come. Also, you need to find the right paint that will last for years without getting dirty quickly.

Look for a painting services provider who does more than just painting walls according to your instructions. The team should be able to provide you with the right design guidance so that you can create your dream rooms in the right colour and finish.

2  Free Site Visit

You may send dozens of pictures of your walls. But nothing beats a physical site visit by a professional. Thus, check if the company offers free home visits. In a home visit, the team visits your place, analyses your requirements, measures the area to be covered, helps you decide on the painting techniques, and more.

After the site visit, the team should be able to provide you with a customized quotation for your project.

3  Ancillary Services Provided

Painting comes with a long list of allied tasks. From minor repairs to waterproofing or even making false ceilings, there could arise a need for many ancillary services. A painting service provider that provides these services too would make the whole process more seamless. Make sure to check with your painting contractor whether they’ll handle these tasks and if there are any extra charges for it. Also, check whether they charge extra to paint the baseboards, crown molding, etc.

Figuring out the need and the costs for the additional tasks before you commence the project helps you avoid sticker shocks at the end of the project.

4  Check the Pricing and Warranty

The costs of getting your home/office painted can vary a lot depending upon the type of paint used by the company, add-on services taken, etc. Any service provider that is not able to give you an exact quote after a site visit may not be a safe bet. Look for a company that provides competitive and most importantly, transparent pricing. Also, check if the company provides any warranty against conditions such as decolouration, peeling, etc.

5  References and Reviews

When you hire a painting contractor, you need to make sure that you can trust them in terms of – safety, work quality, and on-time completion. Make sure to go online and read reviews of previous clients to get a clear idea of the work efficiency of the contractors you have shortlisted. Moreover, make sure you check for location-specific reviews. For instance, check for reviews of painting services in Pune when looking to hire someone in the city.

Give the Green Light only when the Painter meets all these Criteria

Getting your interiors and exteriors painted perfectly not only transforms the appearance of your home but also keeps it protected from the weather. Evaluate painting service providers in Pune using these criterions and find the right team who will do an incredible job.

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