Why Smartphone Vendors Pick Metal Over Other Build Materials


Life without a smartphone is unimaginable today and while you may always be in a dilemma over thebest one that suits your routine well, the various smartphones that are available resemble each other in many ways just as they are distinct from one another. While every smartphone has a different manufacturer and a unique design language, most of these phones have at least one specific thing in common. This is the metal body design. Although there was a time when plastic was the dominant material used to build phones, as phones got smarter, construction techniques got betterwhich paved the way for metal body smartphones.

Eluga Ray 700

Today, the Eluga Ray 700 has joined the ranks of these smartphones and comes with a sleek and stylish design as well as a metallic finish that adds to the beauty and powerful appearance of the device. However, have you ever stopped to wonder why most of these smartphones come with a metal body over other build materials? Well, if you have, here are a few reasons.

It offers aesthetic value and a premium touch 

One of the main reasons why vendors go in for metalis because it looks immensely classy and adds to the aesthetic value of the phone. Besides this, the material also lends a premium touch and adds a more regal looking appeal.

Metal possesses a ductile nature 

Since the Ray 700 comes with a metal body that possesses a ductile nature. This makes it easy for vendorsto experiment with the design which in turn ensures devices get their unique appeal and stand out from the crowd. Glass, in contrast, is not flexible in nature so experimenting with it is out of the question unless you want to experience cracks and shattering with just a little pressure.

It disperses heat more evenly 

Since metal is good at dispersing heat, it handles the heat generated by the processor and internals of the device in a better way when compared to its plastic counterparts. Besides this, metal delivers improved protection to the internal components if you compare it to the polycarbonate types. However having said, you also need to know that using metal as thebuild material means understanding that your device is going to heat up quickly.

Metal can handle some rough treatment

Metal body smartphones such as the above mentioned Panasonic mobile can endure a great deal of rough handling. Smartphones that come with a glass build, on the other hand, do not have such luck as they are fragile and need gentle treatment. Thisis why many vendors prefer metal over other kinds of materials.

The Eluga Ray 700 

So there you have it. Here are some of the main reasons why smartphone vendors prefer metal over other build materials. When it comes to the Eluga Ray 700 which possesses a metal body, there are a variety of other things that can capture your attention equally well too. Whether this is in the form of a 5000mAh battery that ensures your phone runs tasks seamlessly all throughout the day, the K Class speaker that makes it easy to start your own jam session wherever you go or the 32GB RAM and 32GB ROM that can be expanded up to 128GB. Other than this, there is also the 13.9cm (5.5) FHD IPS display that ensures you obtain an immersive visual experience that reflects bright and vivid colors.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the Ray 700 as much for its metal body as for its other features and see whether it blends in with your preferences in all the ways imaginable.

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