Tips To Keep Chandeliers Sparkling Shine And Clean


Chandeliers are the light fixtures that brings ambience to your space. Chandeliers are available in different styles, shape and material, if correctly chose it becomes the show stopper and a conversation piece among your guests. These decorative lights can be suspended to ceiling or walls to enhance the lighting since they have multiple lamps.

Of all, raindrop chandeliers are best suitable for your home or office space, to create a statement. You can mount them on any space, living room, dining room, patio and also in the kitchen. The crystals in these lightings give them luxurious look. You can choose either small or multi-tier options depending on the space you want to show off.

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Once you have got your best choice of lighting, now the next thing you need to know is cleaning and caring for your fixture so that they don’t go dull. Dust and dirt get accumulated on the lighting and it won’t be attractive when your guests arrive.

Here are some tips on how often and how to clean your raindrop chandelier.

To avoid deep cleaning, it is best to clean the lightings every two to three months or as soon as they become dull or dusty. Before starting the cleaning process, make sure that the fixtures are unplugged to ensure your safety. Remove the lamps to avoid any liquids getting into that space. Use a step ladder or anything that will provide safe platform while cleaning.

Wear gloves to clean the crystals, it is safe for your hands as well as there won’t be any mark on the crystals from your fingers, even if it is clean.

Shop for the best cleaner or you can make your own solution using isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in the ration of 1:4. Use a spray bottle to spray the solution on the crystals and dry them immediately using lint-free cloth. Don’t forget to clean the bulbs too since, dust collects there also.

Remember to replace the cleaner once it becomes dirty as we cannot expect a glittery shine from a dirty cleaner.

While cleaning, the cleaner might drop on the floor. With some old newspaper or carpet you can protect your floor.

You will have to do a complete crystal removal cleaning if you want to give a thorough cleaning. Though it is a time-consuming process, there will be noticeable results. But you should be thorough about replacing every strand. It would be helpful if you have instructions diagram from the manufacturer or using the camera you can take snapshots.

Dusting your light fixtures quite often using feather dusters will help avoid dust collecting and let the light sparkle the whole year. Use extendable dusters to reach the high places.

With these tips now you can have chandelier sparkling and dust free!

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