What can you wear under a bandage dress to make it look more appealing?


Picking the right bandage dress is just half battle won. Apart from focusing on the visible things like earrings and hairstyle, you also have a challenge to pick the right undergarments. It is important to hunt for bras, seamless panties depending on the dress you are going to wear to get the right shape and support for the event.

There is an undergarment for every dress

Straps, flab and the similar will never give you the look you have dreamt of. Usually women go for the traditional bra, but what if your regular bar fails to work?

Women are happy to spend a fortune on sexy bandage dresses but they are apprehensive when shopping for an appropriate undergarment. Well, the point to remember here is that every dress needs a specific undergarment. Hence it is important to look for it.

Undergarments for bandage dresses

In several cases, a good quality bandage dress may not require you to wear any undergarment. As these dresses are made to hug you like a second skin and render support to your body like shapewear, so you don’t need any further support and enhancement. However, if you want to give your body a proportionate shape, then these are your best cheap lingerie options:

Buttock pads: They are available in different styles and varieties. Usually made of silicon, they sit with underwear and pads. The buttock pads offer you a Kim Kardashian fit and add a sex appeal to your bandage dress.

Padded adhesive bras: They come with glue like substance which sticks to your breast. They add more shape to your bust and make you look perfect.

Waist cinchers: For those who need a defined waistline, they should go for a waist cincher. When you are wearing a bandage dress, make sure the waist cincher is made from thin and snag-free fabric.

Types of bras recommended for different dresses

Strapless dresses: Going for a strapless bra or a bodysuit will be your best option. If you are okay with your tummy, then go for a strapless bra.

Racerback dresses: These dresses feature criss-cross style backs. They are commonly seen in sports shirts. You can go for flexible strap bras for such dresses.

Plunging neckline dresses: Such dresses need an adhesive bra to hide extra visibility of your breasts. They stick to your breasts and barely get noticed.

Thin strap dresses:  These dresses are commonly called spaghetti strap dresses. They can be worn with clear strap bras. Or you can also go for strapless bras for such dresses.

Backless dresses: As it is stated earlier that you should buy the right undergarment for the right dress, hence for dresses with elaborated necklines, you should go for adhesive pads or bra.

While picking underwear for bandage dresses, you should go for a thong or a traditional bikini panty to conceal panty lines. In order to get the best lingerie at cheap rates, you should check out the HexinFashion Black Friday deals. Surely, there is something for everyone here!

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