Computer software which helps in constructions


Buildxact is a computer software which helps builders and trades and even renovators by helping them by estimating and it even manages the job from starting to the ending that is from quoting to final invoice using very easy steps and using few related  business tools. This software can be opened in mobile or laptops or desktops or anywhere else which has internet connection as this software is cloud based, as it opens anywhere and anytime it is more easy and flexible for people to access it.

Buildxact helps you in scheduling events, purchasing of goods, quoting , takeoffs can be completed easily and there is no need to use any paper or scales simply you do and upload in a pdf document and then you can work on it takeoff screen based and this even helps their customers in measuring and counting of inches and yards in just a click away.

Controlling budget made easy

Buildxact helps in knowing how much a particular project can cost, by preparing a list of what all required for building and their prices.Even here you can easily know how much you need to spend for particular items or things so as to save  that from little things in construction to bigger things simple electrical wiring things to till last setting of tiles to floor and walls. You can know whether you have budget control over here or not as everything brought is mentioned here and pre planned cost is also provided here and by comparing both you can know how the budget ran.

Quoting is as quick as possible

The quoting tools which are provided here by this software help in creating quotes which are highly professional and these quotes can be given to their clients and the quotes can be even sent to the client mail id or directly printed copy can be given to them. And even pre formatted quotes are present  to make simple to customers for instant and fast usage.

Scheduling made easy

Estimation provided by this software helps in creating a schedule of customers for their projects and tracking of costs and purchasing this feature helps in Maintaining their budget and orders and few dashboards are there which tells you about your budget and tracking it. The invoice can be created as there are few template designs if you want to use them, making use of those templates you can create invoices in a very simple way. Few tables can be formed which tells you easily about balances to be paid and balances that are paid and customers list.

This software is nowadays used by many companies to ease their work like in construction companies to build projects and even to the renovators to make better homes and small sized projects for development of new construction of offices or markets or homes or whatever they wish to.

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