Important questions to ask before an SEO company before hiring them


SEO  is the core of business enhancement if you are planning one. One must find out the right firm. The firm you choose should have specialization over it. However many people fall into the trap ofa not-so-good SEO company. The core reason for it is that the client doesn’t ask the right type of questions before hiring the firm. Hence you must ask the appropriate and right questions before hiring the right kind of question. Here we will take about some important questions that you should be compulsorily asking.

Important questions to ask before an SEO company before hiring them

Time interval to expect results

To get the results of SEO, it takes time. However,there should be a time frame an experienced agent would give you. Normally one can see results in around 6 months hence the time interval cannot be more than six months.

There is no doubt that the results do get effects by various factors like technical errors, unstructured websites. However, the SEO company should know how to get around this. If your company gives you unnecessary time intervals then be sure that either they aren’t being authentic or they might be using outdated techniques. If that is done then your site could be penalized.

Do they get themselves updated?

The whole reason to get an SEO agency is to have a better rating on the web. Google is being used by most people around the globe. Hence having a good rating there is very important as it could bring most of the traffic. So the agency should be updated with the latest updates that Googe makes. The guidelines that could give should be well achieved by the company that you choose.

Not just google the SEO company should be well aware of all the updates that are used by bing and Yahoo though less but they do can bring traffics to your sites.

Tools they would be using

Even if you, not that technical person, you should be having a basic idea of how and by what kind of tools would they be using. If you are not that clear with that tool you can also ask them. Doing so will give you an idea of how the tool would be improving your rating as well as you would get to know if you are correctly or wrongly charged.


These are some of the most important questions that you shouldn’t forget to ask.

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