PLUSINNO Fishing Rod


Fishing is considered as one of the most favorite activities all over the world. Many people have already taken it professionally, and they are earning their living by doing it. We all may have such individuals from our friends and family who are addicted to fishing.

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod

When it comes to fishing successfully, you need the right equipment to improve your chances of catching plenty of fish. Most of the anglers use telescoping fishing rods that are convenient and can be folded down in several inches in length.

It may be very confusing for you to find out and select the best telescoping fishing rod among a lot of available alternatives. So, we are going to talk about one of the best telescoping fishing rods so that you can feel free to make the right decision.

Review of PLUSINNO Fishing Rod

The PLUSINNO Fishing Rod is one of the best collapsible fishing rods available on the market today. This fishing equipment is suitable for both sea fishing and boat fishing. It comes in multiple lengths and actions with the construction of carbon fiber mixed with strong and durable fiberglass. Besides, this telescoping fishing rod comes with a lot of features. So, let’s check them below.

Durable Material

The fishing rod is the construction of carbon fiber combined with fiberglass. It ensures durability and strength with the demands of fishing in various conditions. It also combines a power drive gear and a large aluminum spool for high strength with more line capacity, including double color and one line hole. Again, the rod includes a robust enough stainless steel hooded seat to control the pressure.

Weight and Length

This collapsible fishing rod is such a fishing tool that anyone loves to take to fishing adventures. This durable and robust fishing rod provides the lure weights from 20 to 40 grams. It is also available in several lengths, for example, you can purchase the rod at multiple lengths from 1.8 meters to 3.3 meters. Most importantly, the length can be collapsed into a single 20-inch unit for hassle-free transportation.

EVA Foam Grip

This fishing rod covers its extended handle with a durable EVA foam grip. The handle provides you comfort so that you can control your hands, even in harsh situations. When you compare it to a cork, you will feel that the EVA foam is more long-lasting than a cork. If the rod accumulates protein, fish oil, or slime, you can easily clean it with only using the detergent.


When it comes to portability, this telescoping fishing rod offers hassle-free carrying. It allows you to carry it in a travel case for secure storage and travel due to its unique closed-length design. You can also store it into your backpack thanks to its convenient size and flexibility. If you want your children to manage the rod, they can also use it for its lightweight design.


  • Offers comfort to hold and carry
  • Comes with durable construction
  • Delivers maximum sensitivity
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Features compact and customizable design


  • The locking system cannot be tight enough


Whenever you are looking for a portable fishing rod, you should focus on a telescoping fishing rod. It is the fishing gear that can meet your requirements within an affordable price. So, we recommend you to choose this telescoping fishing rod. Hopefully, it will be a suitable option for you.

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