Reddy Kancharla Talks About The Role And Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer


Hiring a civil engineer to take care of the planning and development procedures involved in a construction project is important to ensure a successful outcome. Reddy Kancharla says that an experienced and qualified civil engineer can effectively ensure that the construction project of their clients run in a smooth manner, and meets all the needed regulations. Civil engineers basically are distinctive professions who create and improve the built environment. They are majorly responsible for planning, designing and overseeing the construction and maintenance of diverse building structures and infrastructure.

No matter whether a person wants to remodel an existing building or desire design-build construction right from the ground up, they must try their best to make sure that their project is developed within the boundaries of the chosen deadline and budget. Reddy Kancharla says that to be assured that their project is completed perfectly within the required timeframe and budgetary requirements, people must seek out assistance from experienced civil engineers. These professionals specialize in monitoring construction operations, as well as troubleshooting issues related to it. Hence, their assistance comes as a huge advantage for construction projects.

Reddy Kancharla has been a Senior Manager for Civil Engineering firms, which makes him a great candidate to discuss the duties and responsibilities of a civil engineer. He additionally has an extensive knowledge of engineering theories and principles, and specializes in providing practical solutions to discerning engineering problems relating to civil engineering and the construction industry. He has more than 25 years of experience in the domain of civil construction, geotechnical consultation, and construction QA/QC.

On the basis of his specialized industry insights, Reddy Kancharla points out that for several major construction projects, civil engineers are hired to manage the competent implementation of each and every phase of development. These professionals make sure that the specifications provided in the project proposals are effectively carried out. Some of the prime responsibilities of a civil engineer include:

  • Undertaking various types of complex calculations, as well as feasibility and technical studies, including site investigations
  • Making use of a wide range of computer software for the purpose of developing detailed designs
  • Liaising with various types of professionals, including vendors, subcontractors and architects
  • Supervising and monitoring the tendering procedures
  • Systematically and carefully resolving any issues related to development and design
  • Managing the project budget and related resources
  • Scheduling and coordinating equipment and material purchases and deliveries
  • Making sure that the project-in-hand complies with all the needed legal and regulatory requirements, especially the ones related to health and safety
  • Carefully assess the sustainability and environmental impact of projects, and try their best to incorporate eco-friendly practices in the construction process
  • Make sure that the project runs smoothly, and the required structures are completed on time, and within the budget

Owing to their invaluable inputs and leadership, a civil engineer plays a prime role in the proper execution of all construction projects.

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