The Advantages And Dangers Of Robotics Technology -Santosh Singhi.



Because of the recent developments in robotics technology, robots have become economical and affordable. They have also become advanced and user friendly and robotics technology is being used in every possible field. Robots are fast and intelligent and more efficient than humans.

The Advantages And Dangers Of Robotics Technology -Santosh Singhi.

This is the reason why robots are being used in every field possible from hospitality to medical to industrial and internet as well.

Robots are continuously getting more and more intelligent and advanced and in a short while will replace all human jobs. Thus we should be aware of the pros and cons of robots and use them in control and responsibly as per Santosh Singhi.


The best thing is that robots are flexible and user friendly and can adapt to any job and can carry it out efficiently. They are capable of performing an infinite number of jobs capably and in any environment and are flexible and can adapt to the environment. They are much better than human workers and can work 24x7x365 without any rest or breaks. They also cost less to operate and are more reasonable and reliable. Robots are efficient and effective and can help increase the profit margins of the industry and company. Robots are able to carry out a variety of tasks with enormous ease and flexibility.

Robots are fast and affordable and are able to perform the most daunting of tasks fast, quick and easy. Robots save time and also make fewer mistakes than humans. They are cost effective and work efficiently.

Robots can work in any extreme environment even where humans dare not tread like outer space and other planets. Because of robots many lives of workers can be saved where the task involves risk and is dangerous. Thus many lives can be saved.

With the help of robotic drones lives can be saved and also with robot fighting wars more and more precious army personnel lives can be saved.

All these factors together make robotics a great boon for humanity as a whole according to Santosh Singhi.


There are always two sides of a coin and this is true of robotics technology as well. Yes there are many advantages of robotic technology but it also leads to a lot of jobs cuts and poverty for the working class.

It is said that a day will come when all human jobs will be replaced by robots as they are more cost effective and efficient and thus this technology should be controlled so that human jobs are assisted and not replaced by robots.

If we do not control and manage robotic technology then one day we might be controlled by it and this is reality and not just science fiction and thus it is critical to control and supervise robotic technology so that it is a boon for humanity.

Thus if robotics is used intelligently it can be a great boon and an advantage for humanity but there is a condition that it needs to be used resourcefully and responsibly keeping in mind that we use robots and not that robots use us as per Santosh Singhi.

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